U.K. Prime Minister arrives in Berlin for summit on Libyan Civil War

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, left, Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, third left, and Mike Pompeo, fourth right, Foreign Minister of the USA, attend a conference on Libya at the chancellery in Berlin, Germany, Sunday, Jan. 19, 2020. (Kay Nietfeld/DPA via AP, Pool)

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UPDATED 12:10 PM PT — Sunday, January 19, 2020

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is attending a conference in Berlin to discuss how to bring an end to the Libyan Civil War. During Sunday’s summit, the prime minister met with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, among others, to begin talks of a possible ceasefire for Libya.

Many leaders, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have agreed a ceasefire negotiation involving the United Nations would be the best strategy for lasting peace.

“It’s time now to move on and to bring Libya together under the UN,” said Johnson. “The people of Libya have suffered enough, it’s time for the country to move forward.”

Bangladeshi men who were rescued off the Libyan coast on Friday, watch the sea from the deck of the Open Arms rescue vessel as the ship approaches the port of Messina, Italy, Wednesday, Jan . 15, 2020. (AP Photo/Santi Palacios)

Libya has faced civil war since the Arab Spring, which lead to the overthrow of leader Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011.

6 million people are currently under the rule of either the unsupported Government of National Accord or the military, which is supported by other powers in the region.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel, front center right, and French President Emmanuel Macron, front center left, pose during a group photo at a conference on Libya at the chancellery in Berlin, Germany, Sunday, Jan. 19, 2020. Front row left to right, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President of the Republic Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

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Several wounded as violent protests erupt in Iraq

Anti-government protesters set fires and close streets during ongoing protests in downtown Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, Jan. 19, 2020. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

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UPDATED 12:30 PM PT — Sunday, January 19, 2020

Violence erupted in Iraq as citizens voiced their outrage over what they claimed is a slow pace for reforms. Sunday reports said protesters blocked roads in Baghdad and the city of Najaf.

Demonstrations occupied three key bridges of entry in the capital, where a dozen people were reportedly wounded in a standoff with security forces.

Protesters used burning tires to block the roads in Baghdad and threatened further escalation if their demands are not met.

An anti-government protester jumps over burning tires blocking a highway in Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, Jan. 19, 2020. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

“The burning tires is an expression of our protest and anger. We have endured the cold and hunger, we left our work and families. The government does not care, does not consider that the people are protesting and that they are demanding their rights. Our demands are legitimate and they must give them to us.” – Unnamed protester

Protests have now spread from the capital to the city of Najaf, where demonstrators have been repeatedly torching the Iranian consulate.

Anti-government protesters set fires and close streets during ongoing protests in downtown Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, Jan. 19, 2020. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

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Sen. Perdue cites Parnas’ credibility, dismisses calling him as impeachment witness

FILE – In this Monday, Feb. 12, 2018 file photo, Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., speaks during a news conference about an immigration bill on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

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UPDATED 11:47 AM PT — Sunday, January 19, 2020

GOP Sen. David Perdue called Rudy Giuliani’s former associate Lev Parnas a “distraction” and appeared to oppose having him testify in the impeachment trial. On Sunday, Perdue suggested Parnas only has secondhand information and pointed out he has been indicted on campaign finance charges.

He joined his colleagues, who are casting doubt on Parnas’ credibility. They said the businessman lacks material evidence relevant to impeachment and added he was never close to the president at any point.

Perdue also defended the president’s call with his Ukrainian counterpart.

“The President of the United States is responsible for rooting out corruption. We’re giving money to a country that we are afraid is going to the wrong people for the wrong reasons. He is asking for help to root out this corruption. He asked President Zelensky to actually talk to the attorney general about it. You can characterize that as talking about a political opponent, (but) what hes talking about is an American citizen that was potentially involved in corruption.” – David Perdue, U.S. Senator (R-Ga.)

The senator said he would prefer to see the impeachment articles dismissed outright and called the House’s inquiry an “illegitimate process.”

This undated image released by the House Judiciary Committee from documents provided by Lev Parnas to the committee in the impeachment probe against President Donald Trump, shows a photo of Lev Parnas with Rudy Giuliani. (House Judiciary Committee via AP)

Meanwhile, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said he is not concerned that Parnas has a criminal record. Earlier on Sunday, Schiff claimed many people in President Trump’s circle end up indicted. He also dismissed that Parnas’ criminal history creates questions on his credibility as a potential impeachment witness.

The chairman stopped short of giving a definite answer on just how much the House would rely on Parnas’ testimony. He said it would be impossible to tell, since the Senate has not granted the House’s request to include witnesses and evidence in the upcoming trial.

“These are people that do have information about the president’s misconduct,” stated Schiff. “We can’t really make a determination on which witnesses we’ll call in the absence of knowing whether the Senate will allow any at all.”

He went on to say that the Senate has an obligation to conduct a fair trial, which includes letting the House add witnesses and evidence to their argument.

Impeachment managers, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., left, and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., second from left, walk with as Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-Texas, Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., and Rep. Jason Crow, D-Colo., from the Senate at the Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

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Biden says Sanders campaign doctored videos to attack his record on Social Security

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the Iowa State Education Association Candidate Forum at the Sheraton West Des Moines Hotel, Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020, in West Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

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UPDATED 11:10 AM PT — Sunday, January 19, 2020

2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said the Bernie Sanders campaign “flat out lied” by posting videos that questioned the former vice president’s record on Social Security. At Saturday’s town hall event in Iowa, Biden called out the Sanders campaign for posting what he believes are “doctored” videos of him supporting cuts to Social Security.

“My stance on Social Security…Let’s get the record straight: I’m not going to blame anybody, but…there’s a little doctored video going around, put out by Bernie’s people, saying that I agreed with Paul Ryan on wanting to privatize Social Security. It is simply a lie. That video that’s going around…ask anybody in the press, it’s a flat lie.”

– Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States

Earlier this month, a member of the Sanders campaign posted a series of videos of Biden from his time serving as a senator, where he appeared to advocate cutting Social Security spending.

Although the videos do not seem to be edited, the former vice president insisted the clips were doctored. He added he wants the Sanders campaign to “disown” the videos.

Officials responded hours later, but not in the way Biden had hoped. The Sanders campaign manager stood by their decision to post the videos and stated, “Joe Biden should be honest with voters.”

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, left, watches as Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., answers a question Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, during a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by CNN and the Des Moines Register in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

At that same event, Biden mistakenly claimed a political fact-checking website had backed up his stance. In a newsletter sent to Bernie Sanders’ supporters earlier this month, his campaign claimed “in 2018, Biden lauded Paul Ryan for proposing cuts to Social Security and Medicare.”

The website, PolitiFact, ultimately determined this statement was false and said Biden appeared to be mocking Ryan rather than praising him. However, they did not determine if the videos shared by the Sanders campaign were doctored, which disproved Biden’s original claims from the town hall event.

“PolitiFact looked at it and they doctored the photo,” said the former vice president. “They doctored the piece and they have acknowledged it was a fake.”

It appears Biden confused PolitiFact’s analysis of the statement, made about him supporting Paul Ryan in the Sanders campaign newsletter, with the series of videos released by Sanders’ staff.

Biden and Sanders have been going head to head in the polls ahead of the Iowa caucus in February. The latest poll from RealClear Politics showed Biden with 20.7 percent and Sanders with 20.3 percent.

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Graham: Early dismissal of impeachment case ‘dead for practical purposes’

In this image from video, presiding officer Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts swears in members of the Senate for the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020. (Senate Television via AP)

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UPDATED 9:58 AM PT — Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sen. Lindsey Graham said the Senate has decided against dismissing articles of impeachment without conducting a trial. On Sunday, Graham announced he and his colleagues need to hold a trial before striking down the House’s articles of impeachment, since the Senate does not have enough votes to dismiss them early.

“That’s dead for practical purposes,” he said. “There are a lot of senators who, I think, will wind up acquitting the president, but believe we need to hear the House’s case and the president’s case in answer to the House’s case.”

However, he noted the trial will be over quickly because many members are planning to vote against further witness testimony, which has been requested by Democrats.

Despite this, the president’s lawyers may be able to dismiss the case early. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has prepared a resolution that would allow President Trump’s lawyers to potentially dismiss the impeachment charges if they choose. Reports said there’s an option for the president’s counsel to make a motion during multiple phases of the process, including at the beginning of the proceedings.

Sen. Josh Hawley has remarked he would be “very surprised” if the final resolution doesn’t include an option to dismiss or remove the charges.

Should the charges not be dismissed early, reports claimed the trial may only last about two weeks.

In this image from video, Senate Majorty Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., speaks as the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump begins in the Senate at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020. (Senate Television via AP)

White House officials said Rep. Adam Schiff may be called to the stand during the trial. On Sunday, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said Schiff lied during the impeachment probe, including when he said he did not know the identity of the whistleblower.

Bondi, who will serve as part of President Trump’s legal team, added the impeachment case has turned into “basic trash.” She said the president is just ready to put the whole thing behind him. She went on to call the articles of impeachment “flimsy” and argued there was absolutely no crime committed.

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani has said he would jump at the opportunity to testify in order to expose the corruption he’s discovered in Ukraine. During a recent interview, the former New York City mayor said the corruption he’s found in the country “far surpasses any that I’ve seen before.”

He claimed the corruption involves Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and “a lot of other Democrats.” Giuliani said he has facts, witnesses, documents and recordings he would like to share with the public. He added, “Everyone’s trying to suppress the facts to protect Biden.”

The Senate impeachment trial is expected to begin on Tuesday as soon as Congress members reconvene.

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In this image from video, President Pro Tempore of the Senate Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa., swears in Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts as the presiding officer for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in the Senate at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020. (Senate Television via AP)

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Hillary Clinton opens up about marriage in new documentary

Hillary Clinton participates in the Hulu “Hillary” panel during the Winter 2020 Television Critics Association Press Tour, on Friday, Jan. 17, 2020, in Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

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UPDATED 5:15 PM PT — Saturday, January 18, 2020

Hillary Clinton is opening up about how the Monica Lewinsky scandal took a toll on her marriage with former President Bill Clinton. This week, Hulu released a trailer for a new self-titled documentary about Hillary’s life.

In the documentary, the former first lady spoke about her relationship with her husband after his affair with Lewinsky, a former White House intern. Though she said the decision to stay with Bill was not easy, Clinton credited her daughter Chelsea for keeping her marriage together.

“I didn’t want anything to do with him,” said Clinton. “Chelsea put herself between us and held both our hands.”

The documentary will be available to stream on Hulu on March 6th.

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Nanette Burstein, left, and Hillary Clinton participate in the Hulu “Hillary” panel during the Winter 2020 Television Critics Association Press Tour, on Friday, Jan. 17, 2020, in Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

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White House, House Democrats lay out strategies for impeachment trial

The Senate is seen in on Capitol Hill in Washington, early Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

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UPDATED 4:02 PM PT — Saturday, January 18, 2020

The White House and House Democrats are increasing their attacks ahead of next week’s impeachment trial. On Saturday, the president’s legal team said impeachment is a “brazen and unlawful attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election and interfere with the 2020 election.”

They added the impeachment articles are unconstitutional and invalid because the president never committed a crime.

Minutes after this statement was released, House impeachment managers filed a brief of their own to explain their arguments against the president. They argued the president “abandoned his oath” and betrayed public trust. They added his actions are the “worst nightmare” for the constitution’s framers.

President Donald Trump attends a signing ceremony for a U.S.-China trade agreement with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, in the East Room of the White House in Washington on Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020, with a portrait of George Washington in the background. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

This came after the White House announced some last-minute additions to its legal team.

An aggressive team of eight will take center stage next week, including Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr. They will be led by White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow, who were announced late Friday night.

Dershowitz, a former Harvard law professor and one of America’s most renowned constitutional attorneys, noted his involvement will be limited to making the constitutional case against impeachment.

“My sole responsibility is to analyze and present the constitutional arguments against impeachment, based on the two articles of impeachment,” he said.

From left, Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla.; Rep. Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif.; Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y.; House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., walk through Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020, to deliver articles of impeachment to the Senate. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Ken Starr is well known for being a hard charging attorney during the Clinton impeachment days. Robert Ray, who succeeded Starr at the Office of the Independent Counsel during the Clinton administration, will also join the team.

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, another addition, stated last week, “We want this to be behind the president as soon as possible.” Attorneys Jane Raskin and Eric D. Herschmann, who were part of the team handling the Mueller investigation, will round out the president’s legal defense.

“President Trump has done nothing wrong and is confident that this team will defend him, the voters, and our democracy from this baseless, illegitimate impeachment,” stated Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham.

All eyes will be on the newly announced team of heavy hitters after the Senate trial begins on Tuesday.

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In this image from video, presiding officer Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts swears in members of the Senate for the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020. (Senate Television via AP)

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Vice President Pence to tour Iowa before joining President Trump for Des Moines rally

Vice President Mike Pence, left, and his wife Karen greet supporters at a campaign event Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020, in Kissimmee, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

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UPDATED 3:05 PM PT — Saturday, January 18, 2020

Vice President Mike Pence is set to participate in a bus tour in Iowa later this month before joining the president for a rally in Des Moines. On Saturday, the Trump campaign announced Pence’s bus tour will begin in Sioux City on January 30th.

The vice president will speak at an ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ event in Sioux City, a ‘Veterans for Trump’ event in Council Bluffs and later join the president for a rally at Drake University.

Pence recently spoke at a ‘Latinos for Trump’ event in Florida, where he galvanized support for the president.

“The truth is, because of the leadership of this president, our strong allies in the Congress of the United States and the strong support of Americans from every community, including the Latino community, we’re succeeding like never before,” he said. “The truth is, we’ve made America great again.”

His visit and the president’s rally will come four days before the state’s caucuses.

President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Meanwhile, Pence has insisted the Democrats’ case against the president will backfire. On Friday, the vice president said Americans are tired of impeachment and can see through Democrats’ agenda.

He believes the entire impeachment process will result in serious consequences for the left. He predicted President Trump will get reelected and the left will lose legitimacy.

“For the last three years, Democrats have been trying to overturn the will of the American people in the 2016 election. First it was the Mueller investigation, Russia collusion, then we found out no collusion, no obstruction — case closed. And yet, Democrats just continued in their headlong rush to impeach the president, and I think the American people see through it. We know the Senate will do its work, and the president will be acquitted.”

– Mike Pence, 48th Vice President of the United States

The vice president went on to say he stands by the accomplishments of the Trump administration and maintained that the real verdict will come this fall.

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Supports cheer before a campaign rally for President Donald Trump Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

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CDC: Nationwide vaping-related death toll rises to 60 people

A woman vapes while holding a sign during a protest at the state house in Trenton, N.J., Monday, Jan. 13, 2020. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

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UPDATED 12:50 PM PT — Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported two more people have died due to vaping-related illnesses, which brought the nationwide death toll to 60 people. On Friday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed both victims were New York residents.

The CDC’s latest report found that nearly 2,700 people have been hospitalized across the U.S. because of these illnesses. The agency said many victims reported feeling ill after using e-cigarette products that contained THC.

Vitamin E acetate, an additive found in many of those products, has been strongly linked to the disease as well.

This Jan. 2, 2020, file photo shows flavored vaping liquids and devices on display at the VapeNY.com store in New York.(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File)

This came after the Trump administration issued a ban on nearly all flavored vaping products, with the exception of tobacco and menthol flavors.

Earlier this month, the FDA announced companies that do not stop distribution of fruity, dessert-like and mint e-cigarette flavors within 30 days will be at risk of department action. However, the restriction does not apply to tank vaping systems, which are commonly found at vape shops and require a user to manually fill a device.

The department claimed the ban focuses on products with pre-filled cartridges, which they said are easy to use and conceal. The ban came as part of a nationwide effort to curb youth vaping.

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Susan B. Anthony List launches $52M campaign for President Trump’s reelection

In this Jan. 14, 2020, photo, President Donald Trump arrives at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena to speak at a campaign rally in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

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UPDATED 12:25 PM PT — Saturday, January 18, 2020

President Trump’s reelection campaign is getting a major boost from members of the pro-life lobby. On Friday, Susan B. Anthony List and its affiliate super PAC Women Speak Out announced they will be contributing $52 million to help keep the president in office.

The donation marked the group’s largest election year contribution so far. Spokeswoman Mallory Quigley said “the stakes could not be higher” for pro-life policies. She said 2020 Democrat candidates have attacked the most modest anti-abortion stances and have practically endorsed infanticide at this point.

President Trump, who has been a longtime ally of the group, has prioritized pro-life policies during his administration and appointed several pro-life judges to federal courts, including two Supreme Court justices.

“When I ran for office, I pledged to stand for life,” he said. “I have kept my promise, and I think everybody here understands that fully.”

Susan B. Anthony List and Women Speak Out have stated they plan to use $52 million dollars for President Trump’s reelection campaign on digital ads, door-to-door visits and phone calls in key battleground states. They will mostly be targeting “traditional Democrat voter groups,” who they said may be unaware of their candidates’ “extreme pro-abortion policies.”

Planned Parenthood launched a $45 million campaign earlier this week, which will also target voters in key battleground states.

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One dead, one injured following avalanche in California

Skiers leave the parking lot at Alpine Meadows ski resort in Alpine Meadows, Calif. on Friday, Jan. 17, 2020. (AP Photo/Scott Sonner)

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UPDATED 11:30 AM PT — Saturday, January 18, 2020

One person is dead and another is seriously injured following a deadly avalanche at a ski resort in northern California. The avalanche occurred on Friday at the Alpine Meadows ski resort near Lake Tahoe.

It hit the two skiers on one of the resort’s most advanced slopes.

Later that day, deputies with Placer County Sheriff’s Office identified the deceased as 34-year-old Cole Comstock. According to authorities, the other skier was airlifted to a hospital for emergency surgery.

“The area they were in was not a prohibited area that they could not ski in, but it is definitely an advanced ski area for skiers,” said Sergeant Mike Powers.

Search and rescue crews reportedly searched the rest of the mountain with dogs after the avalanche. They do not believe there were any more victims.

The cause of the avalanche is still under investigation.

The chairlift at the bottom of the Subway run where one person was killed and another seriously injured in an avalanche at Alpine Meadows Ski Resort on Friday, Jan. 17, 2020. (AP Photo/Scott Sonner)

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Hundreds of Serbians march in capital, demand action on air pollution

A man walks on the bank of Sava river in Belgrade, Serbia, Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

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UPDATED 11:55 AM PT — Saturday, January 18, 2020

Serbians are taking to the streets of the country’s capital to demand officials do more to tackle air pollution. On Friday, several hundred protesters, donning surgical masks and respirators, gathered in Belgrade to demand change.

Experts said fumes from aging cars and the country’s heavy reliance on coal burning power plants have contributed to its record breaking levels of air pollution.

Recent data ranked Belgrade the world’s fifth most air polluted city, surpassing Delhi and Beijing.

“I am here to express my fear about the air pollution situation. I think people need to go out and say that this is an alarming situation, that it has never been so terrible to see the air. The number of air polluting particles is alarmingly high and there are measures to reduce it.” – Ivana Vuinovic, protester

A man wearing a face mask attends during a protest against the high levels of air pollution in Belgrade, Serbia, Friday, Jan. 17, 2020. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

Serbia is a candidate to enter the European Union, but its entry could be delayed due to its air quality. The levels of pollution in the country fall short of EU environmental standards.

A UN report last year estimated people in the region are losing 1.3 years from their life span due to air pollution.

A girl walks across a bridge in Belgrade, Serbia, Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

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Alan Dershowitz says he is on the side of the Constitution when defending President Trump

FILE – In this Dec. 2, 2019 file photo, Attorney Alan Dershowitz leaves federal court, in New York. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

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UPDATED 11:05 AM PT — Saturday, January 18, 2020

Alan Dershowitz said he will be working pro bono for the president during the Senate impeachment trial. On Friday, the Harvard law professor said his top priority during the trial is to protect the integrity of the Constitution.

Dershowitz has maintained that Congress did not charge President Trump with any of the impeachable offenses outlined by the Founding Fathers. He also said that Congress’s decision to weaponize impeachment offsets the balance of power in our government.

“Using open-ended phrases could create a way in which Congress could have too much power over the president. I join Alexander Hamilton, who said the greatest danger is when impeachment turns on the number of votes each party can get. I’m there to try to defend the integrity of the Constitution, and that benefits President Trump in this case.”

– Alan Dershowitz, member of President Trump’s legal team

He went on to say the White House has not discussed compensation with him yet and that he is planning to donate whatever he makes to charity.

President Donald Trump speaks to attorney Alan Dershowitz, right, as he arrives for Christmas Eve dinner at Mar-a-lago in Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans are considering speeding up the impeachment trial by restricting the number of days each side has to make opening arguments. Friday reports said GOP senators are talking about giving both the House and the president’s legal team 24 hours, over two days, to argue their cases.

Such a time limit would be included in a resolution on trial rules, which is set to be introduced by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell next week.

However, a Republican aide said the resolution won’t be final until it’s been released.

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USDA gives schools flexibility in picking school lunches

FILE – In this Thursday, May 4, 2017 file photo, a third-grader punches in her student identification to pay for a meal at Gonzales Community School in Santa Fe, N.M. (AP Photo/Morgan Lee, file)

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 10:37 AM PT — Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Trump administration is proposing new rules for school lunches and rolling back Obama era standards. The Department of Agriculture issued a statement on Friday, which detailed a program to give schools more flexibility in providing lunches for kids.

“Schools and school districts continue to tell us that there is still too much food waste and that more common-sense flexibility is needed to provide students nutritious and appetizing meals. We listened and now we’re getting to work. Our proposed changes empower schools to give their very best to our children nationwide and have the potential to benefit nearly 100,000 schools and institutions that feed 30 million children each school day through USDA’s school meal programs. Providing children with wholesome, nutritious food is part of our motto at USDA, which is to ‘do right and feed everyone.’”

– Sonny Perdue, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

As part of the new plan, schools will be encouraged to utilize local resources for food supplies. They can also customize meals and meal patterns to fit the needs of students.

Opponents of the plan believed this will reduce fruit and vegetable intake. They also claimed this is an attack against Michelle Obama, who implemented the prior program.

The USDA is hoping the plan will reduce waste and promote local food sources.

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President Trump details Soleimani strike, warns Ayatollah Khamenei to be ‘careful with his words’

President Donald Trump listens to Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speak during their meeting, Friday, Nov. 30, 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 10:00 AM PT — Saturday, January 18, 2020

President Trump reportedly told Republican donors that “bad things were being said” about the U.S. prior to the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. During a Friday fundraiser at his Mar-a-Lago Resort, the president gave a minute by minute account of the U.S. drone strike that killed the commander in Baghdad.

He described the exchange he had with military officials.

“‘They’re together sir. They have two minutes and 11 seconds to live, sir. They’re in the car, they’re in an armored vehicle. Sir, they have approximately one minute to live, sir. 30 seconds. 10, nine, eight…’ Then all of a sudden, boom. ‘They’re gone, sir, cutting off.’ I said, ‘Where is this guy?’ That was the last I heard from him.” – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

According to audio recordings of the event, the president said Soleimani’s prior comments incentivized his decision to authorize the strike. This validated the administration’s previous claim that an “imminent threat” against the U.S. was the reason for the strike.

In this photo released by an official website of the office of the Iranian supreme leader, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers his sermon in the Friday prayers at Imam Khomeini Grand Mosque in Tehran, Iran, Friday, Jan. 17, 2020. (Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP)

This came after the president issued a word of warning to Iran’s supreme leader amid heightened tensions between both nations. In a Friday tweet, he slammed Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, saying the nation’s economy is crashing and he should be “careful with his words.”

In a separate tweet, President Trump praised the people of Iran. He said they need a government that will help them succeed.

This followed Khamenei’s rare public address earlier in the day, in which he called Soleimani a martyr. He went on to say the general was the strongest commander in the fight against terrorism.

The supreme leader defended Iran’s armed forces and its missile strike against U.S. targets.

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Congress threatens to subpoena Secy. of State Pompeo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pauses while speaking at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, Monday, Jan. 13, 2020. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 7:55 PM PT — Friday, January 17, 2020

House lawmakers are pressuring Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to testify in a hearing on Iran. The House Foreign Affairs Committee extended an invitation on Friday and threatened to subpoena him if he doesn’t provide information regarding the administration’s policy in Iran.

This would also include the recent air strike that killed top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

In a letter released on Friday, Chairman Eliot Engel detailed the committee’s need for Pompeo’s testimony.

“This hearing deals with the most weighty issues with which our country and Congress deal, including the use of force,” wrote Rep. Engel. “Therefore, I consider your testimony to be of extremely high importance and am prepared to use all legal means to ensure your attendance.”

This was the committee’s second attempt to get Pompeo to testify. The secretary missed a hearing on Iran earlier this week because he had official business in California.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, right, smiles as he is handed a San Francisco 49ers cap by Carl Guardino at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, Monday, Jan. 13, 2020. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

The hearing is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, January 29th.

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Va. Supreme Court turns down request to overturn firearms ban

FILE – In this Jan. 8, 2020, file photo, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, center, gestures as he delivers his State of the Commonwealth address as House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, D-Fairfax, right, and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, left, listen before a joint session of the Virginia Assembly at the state Capitol in Richmond, Va. (AP Photo/Steve Helber, File)

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UPDATED 7:38 PM PT — Friday, January 17, 2020

The Supreme Court of Virginia has denied a motion to overturn Governor Ralph Northam’s ban on all firearms at the state’s Capitol Square. Justices denied the petition on Friday, which was filed a day after the governor’s executive order was issued.

The lawsuit, which was brought forward by several gun rights groups and activists, argued the ban violated residents’ First and Second Amendment rights. The suit was previously turned down in a lower circuit court, which led to an appeal in the state’s highest court.

The move comes as pro-Second Amendment citizens across the state have been holding rallies in Richmond. The leader of the Virginia Citizens Defense League told One America News that tens of thousands of gun rights activists were expected to attend his rally on January 20th.

The league was founded in 1998 as a non-partisan civil rights advocacy group focused on gun rights.

“We are a gun rights organization. We lobby to make sure bad gun bills don’t make it through and good gun bills do. We’re a watchdog. If any local government tries to put up an illegal gun ban, we’re right there to make sure they stop doing that.” – Philip Van Cleave, President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League

Gun-rights supporters rally on the steps of the Washington Capitol, in Olympia, Wash., Friday, Jan. 17, 2020. (AP Photo/Rachel La Corte)

For years, Virginia has been a safe haven for gun owners, who were unable to keep and bear arms, as the framers intended, in other states.

“Virginia has had excellent gun laws for years and years,” added Van Cleave. “Now, suddenly, with the elections that’s being threatened.”

Democrats have proposed legislation at the state’s House of Delegates that would ban all military-style long guns. They have also pushed so-called ‘red flag’ laws, which would allow local law enforcement to seize a person’s firearms.

In response to these attempts to restrict gun rights, many Virginia counties have declared themselves ‘Second Amendment sanctuaries.’

Virginia is an open carry state. Supporters of gun rights have often shown up to political events and rallies with their weapons. However, the governor’s ban will disrupt this tradition.

Van Cleave said the league’s lawyers are working against the ban in hopes of overturning it.

“We’re hoping maybe we can get rid of that ban on the capital grounds by Monday,” he said.

The Virginia state Capitol building is surrounded by fencing, Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020 in Richmond, Va., in preparation for Monday’s rally by gun rights advocates. (Dean Hoffmeyer/Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP)

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5 hurt after truck plows into Illinois Starbucks

Screengrab from CBS This Morning official report.

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UPDATED 4:55 PM PT — Friday, January 17, 2020

A pickup truck slammed into an Illinois Starbucks on Thursday, injuring several people and causing the building to partially collapse. Witnesses said there were about two dozen people inside the building at the time of the crash.

The truck was reportedly heading west when the driver lost control and went airborne, plowing into the Starbucks. Witnesses said the truck took out street signs along the way and hit a car waiting in the drive-thru.

“It sounded like a big boom. We, and a lot of people, just stood there and stopped. Their hearts stopped, and (they) just couldn’t believe it.” – Brandon Chaple, witness

The driver and four people in the store were hurt in the incident. One remains in critical condition.

The road near the store was closed overnight. The crash is still under investigation.

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Kudlow: Impeachment could be Democrat effort to ‘obfuscate the economic progress’ in America

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow speaks with reporters outside the West Wing of the White House in Washington, Friday, Jan. 10, 2020. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

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UPDATED 5:18 PM PT — Friday, January 17, 2020

White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow is accusing Democrats of using impeachment as a distraction. While speaking to reporters at the White House on Friday, Kudlow said the impeachment process has not impacted the economy or the stock market.

He attributed the strong economy to good policies and the free market’s “brilliant entrepreneurs.”

Kudlow’s comments came after House Democrats finally released the articles of impeachment to the Senate this week. The Senate trial is expected to begin next week.

Clerk of the House Cheryl Johnson, left, and House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving pass through Statuary Hall at the Capitol to deliver the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The adviser gave his opinion about the real reason Democrats are moving ahead with President Trump’s impeachment.

“I sometimes get a little annoyed that impeachment, and all the theater going with that, could be an effort on the other side of the aisle to obstruct and obfuscate the economic progress we’re making,” said Kudlow.

The president has maintained his innocence and instead touted the economic boom under his leadership. Administration officials said the record low unemployment is just one of the achievements that will help the president win reelection this year.

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Former GOP Rep. Collins sentenced to 26 months in prison for insider trading

Former U.S. Rep. Chris Collins arrives at federal court for sentencing Friday, Jan. 17, 2020, in New York. Collins pleaded guilty last fall to insider trading and lying to the FBI. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

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UPDATED 3:45 PM PT — Friday, January 17, 2020

A federal judge is handing down a stiff sentence for former GOP Congressman Chris Collins following his conviction for insider trading. On Friday, a lower Manhattan court sentenced Collins to 26 months in prison.

In October, the former New York lawmaker admitted to illegally obtaining information about a failed drug trial by a biotech firm his son Cameron was invested in. Collins tipped his son off to the information just before the company’s stock tanked by 90 percent.

During the sentencing, the presiding judge said Collins betrayed his congressional duties and left his former constituents without representation.

Prosecutors sought a five year sentence for Collins’ crime while his defense asked for one year and a $200,000 fine.

Cameron will be sentenced next week for his role in the crime.

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