6 Biden Ambassador Appointees Donated $12.7M to Democrats: Watchdog Group

6 Biden Ambassador Appointees Donated $12.7M to Democrats: Watchdog Group 6 Biden Ambassador Appointees Donated $12.7M to Democrats: Watchdog Group

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By Charles Kim | Wednesday, 06 April 2022 08:24 PM

A political watchdog organization has found that six of the 25 political ambassador appointees by President Joe Biden have donated more than $12.7 million to his presidential campaign and other Democrats.

BidenNoms.com, a project of the American Accountability Foundation, a nonprofit political watchdog organization, researched the 25 political appointments made by Biden to ambassadorships to see if he was keeping his campaign promise of appointing the most ''suitable'' people for the job without regard to their political donations.

According to the organization, many of his appointees donated to his 2020 presidential campaign and other Democrats in that election cycle.

''Many of the Biden administration's ambassador nominees have a long history of significant campaign contributions to Biden's 2020 campaign and other Democratic campaigns and PACs,'' the organization reported. ''Six of the pending ambassador nominees going up for confirmation have totaled $12,732,825.10 in campaign contributions throughout their careers.''

The six are Constance Milstein, who is being nominated to be ambassador to Malta, Elizabeth Bagley, who is nominated to serve in Brazil, Alan Leventhal, who is to serve in Denmark, Jane Hartley, who is to serve in the United Kingdom, Margaret ''Meg'' Whitman, who is to serve the Republic of Kenya, and Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late former President John F. Kennedy, who is slated to serve Australia.

The group's research found that Milstein contributed $725,000 to Biden's campaign, and more than $5 million during her career, Bagley has donated $2.5 million to Democrats in her lifetime, including $50,000 to Biden, Whitman hascontributed $1.5 million to Democrats and Kennedy donated $134,139.50.

Hartley, who gave Biden $41,000 in his presidential bid and donated a total of $1.6 million throughout her career, was featured in a Guardian story in January.

According to that article, Hartley is known as a ''bundler'' who aggregated more than $100,000 contributions from groups of wealthy donors.

She previously served as ambassador to France during the administration of then-President Barack Obama, and is married to an investment banker, according to the article.

The appointments seem to contradict Biden's campaign promise to avoid big donors for these jobs.

''I'm going to appoint the best people possible,'' he promised, according to the Guardian. ''Nobody, in fact, will be appointed by me based on anything they contributed.''

The number of Biden appointments that have contributed heavily to Democrats makes up about a third of his political appointments since taking office, which is more than Obama or former President George W. Bush, according to the story.

The Senate must confirm the appointments.

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