Aaron Babbitt to Newsmax TV: Ashli Didn’t Deserve to Be ‘Executed’

Aaron Babbitt to Newsmax TV: Ashli Didn't Deserve to Be 'Executed' (Newsmax TV/"Greg Kelly Reports")

By Eric Mack | Thursday, 29 April 2021 08:51 PM

The husband of the late Ashli Babbitt laments that the American veteran just wanted her voice to be heard in her final moments; her voice was ignored and now her death at the hand of a Capitol police officer is, too, Aaron Babbitt told Newsmax TV.

"For all intents and purposes. I guess it's just not sexy enough to fit the narrative that's going on right now," Aaron Babbitt told Thursday night's "Greg Kelly Reports." "They're just lambasting her on social media and mainstream news.

"You know the term 'insurrectionist' keeps getting throwing around, 'rioter.' To me, she was just a blue-collar American veteran who wanted her voice to be heard and nobody was listening."

Aaron Babbitt's wife was shot by a Capitol Police officer at the U.S. Capitol building as protesters were attempting to enter the halls of Congress on Jan. 6. She was unarmed, nonviolent, and her empty hands clearly visible on the door, he told host Greg Kelly.

"I've also seen the video — can't find it anywhere now — but it's an overhead of inside the Capitol and you can see my wife calmly walking through the red velvet ropes, taking a video," Aaron Babbitt said somberly. "You know, just walking very calmly with everybody else. I mean, she wasn't violent. She wasn't there to hurt anybody."

Video shows her potentially trying to climb through a broken window of a door, but Aaron Babbitt stressed "nothing, I don't think, she did that day warranted to be, you know, one shot, one kill, just executed."

The officer's name has not been released, but the Justice Department has dropped the case and will not charge the masked officer shown in video to have fired the shot that killed Ashli Babbitt.

Aaron Babbitt, who says no one at the Capitol Police has spoken with him about his late wife's killing, plans a civil lawsuit for a to-be-determined dollar amount, but he denied reports the damages sought will be $12 million. He also expressed serious concern about how she was handled after being shot.

"You see how fast they cleaned up that scene — I mean, they had my wife's blood off that ground as quick as they could," Aaron Babbitt said. "They pulled her body from that floor as quick as they could. They carried her upside down like they're draining out a beer.

"You know anybody with basic medical experience could tell you: Elevate that wound. And they carried her upside down, and they really want to get her out of there as fast as they could.

"And that's not to save a life. They just wanted to erase that from that moment in time."

A GoFundMe has been set up for Aaron Babbitt called "Ashli Babbitt Official Memorial" and has already raised more than $44,800.

"She loved talking to people with opposing views — you know, that was her favorite thing to do," Aaron Babbitt remembered. "And after that it was, 'let's go drink a beer together, friend,' you know.

"My wife was a very magnanimous, large ball of energy in a very small package. And a lot of people are reeling from the loss of her. The void is insurmountable, unexplainable, but we wake up every day missing her."

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