Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax: Expect ‘Summer of Violence,’ Abuses of Law, Power

Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax: Expect 'Summer of Violence,' Abuses of Law, Power (Newsmax/"America Right Now")

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 18 June 2022 12:39 PM

President Joe Biden might think he is the president of "unity," but this is another high-pressure election year, and legal expert Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax predicts a "summer of violence," more unconstitutional abuses of power, and politicized justice in America.

"I'm afraid we will have a summer of violence if the Supreme Court overrules Roe v. Wade, and we will see the Justice Department and this administration selectively enforcing the law," Dershowitz told "Saturday Agenda."

"You won't find congressional committees controlled Democrats evaluating whether there was incitement, whether Black Lives Matter or women's groups incited."

Dershowitz denounced the hands-off approach and failing to hold those accountable in violent race riots in the summer of 2020, while Jan. 6 defendants are selectively prosecuted and treated more harshly than other more violent alleged criminals.

"We have to have one law for all," Dershowitz told host Tom Basile. "The rules have to be identical. It doesn't matter if you're protesting something that deserves to be protested – like the ending of Roe v. Wade – or something that doesn't deserve protested.

"That's not what the First Amendment is about. The First Amendment does not choose between causes, and it has – as [former] Chief Justice [William] Rehnquist said – there's no such thing as a false opinion under the First Amendment. So the rules have to be identical, and unfortunately, they're not identical. They're selectively imposed and enforced.

"So I predict this summer: Violence and selective enforcement of the law against certain groups and in favor of others, and that's a tragedy."

The abuse of power will not be limited to the Justice Department's selective enforcement of the law against conservatives either, Dershowitz lamented, as Biden is also going to abuse the executive authority, like using the Defense Production Act to speed up green energy initiates amid massive inflation, energy shortages, and rising gas prices.

"It's being abused," Dershowitz said. "It has been abused by both parties. You know, both parties when they run for office say they want to restrict executive power. Once they get to office – it started with Thomas Jefferson, who you know, bought the Louisiana Purchase after promising he would do nothing by himself without Congress – and now every president says, 'Oh, there's a law somewhere, this production act, that production act, it allows me to do this, it allows me to do that. We don't need legislation. We don't need the judiciary. I'm the president, I can do anything I want.

"And the courts generally slapped them down when they do that. As they slapped down President Trump; as they slapped down President Biden. And I hope they will continue to slap down presidents who misuse these administrative acts that are designed for one purpose and try to use them for a different purpose."

Presidents should work to have Congress pass laws and not abuse their executive authority to force things on Americans, Dershowitz continued.

"Go to the legislature," he said "Biden, you have control of both the Senate and the House: Get them to pass laws. Don't assume the power yourself. That's not what Constitution mandates."

It is not just the executive branch abusing power in our government either, Dershowitz concluded, noting Congress is abusing its power in targeting conservatives with their biased Jan. 6 hearings and the judiciary is jumping in to aid that, too.

"Well, you know, every branch of government tries to gain more power," Dershowitz said. "Look at Judge [David] Carter in California, a judge! He rules that President [Donald] Trump committed three crimes, without taking one bit of evidence from Trump, without hearing from him, without him being a litigant in the case.

"He makes up crimes! So here's the judiciary overreaching."

Also, overruling Roe v. Wade before the Supreme Court, according to the draft decision is a potential overreach in the Supreme Court.

"If the Supreme Court were to overrule Roe v Wade, now they would be overreaching because that issue is not before them," Dershowitz said. "The only issue is whether the Mississippi statute, which prohibits abortions after 15 weeks is constitutional.

"Even if that's constitutional, it doesn't say anything about the first 15 weeks, so the Supreme Court would be reaching out and deciding a case not before it.

"Each branch of the government today is guilty of overreaching."


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