ALLO Communications Bans Pres. Trump, Newsmax Again! Act Today

ALLO Communications Bans Pres. Trump, Newsmax Again! Act Today

Wednesday, 27 April 2022 12:08 PM

Dear Newsmax Supporter:

President Trump held another huge rally in Ohio this past weekend.

The big media all censored this big news event – except Newsmax!
We carried it live.

But you didn’t see it because ALLO Communications dropped Newsmax from their system.

You should know several small woke cable systems like ALLO Communications recently cancelled Newsmax.

Their “business decision” makes no sense.
Newsmax is the 4th highest-rated cable news channel.
We have more viewership and ratings than 80 channels in their
basic guide.
And guess what – ALLO Communications cable pays these channels much more than they’d ever pay Newsmax.
So here’s the real story: ALLO Communications and these woke cable channels really want to CENSOR Newsmax.

They want to stop our coverage of President Trump and other issues YOU care about.

These are woke companies that are not telling their customers
the truth about cancelling Newsmax.

What can you do?
Easy, CANCEL them!

In fact, Sen. Rand Paul is urging conservatives to cancel cable
companies like ALLO Communications.

It’s simple, just cancel them.
Call them now at 1-866-481-2556 to cancel now.

Even if you have a contract, notify them early you want to
Cancel all their services: Cable, telecom, broadband and more.

Tell your families to avoid woke companies like ALLO Communications.

It’s time to make a stand.

Stand with Newsmax. Stand for honest journalism.

Stand for America and the country you want.

Your friends at Newsmax