Amb. Carla Sands to Newsmax: Ready to Fight as ‘America First’ Senator

Amb. Carla Sands to Newsmax: Ready to Fight as 'America First' Senator (Newsmax/"Saturday Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Saturday, 14 May 2022 01:47 PM

Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary candidate Carla Sands came out swinging on Newsmax Saturday morning, saying she is the one person in the hotly contested race who is a vetted, trusted conservative who has already proven herself as an "America First" lawmaker.

"We've got a couple of people in this race, Kathy Barnette: Nobody knows who she is, and she's running on identity politics," Sands, a former ambassador to Denmark under former President Donald Trump, told "Saturday Report." "We have [David] 'Mitt Romney' McCormick running in this race: He's China first because he made billions in China."

She saved her sharpest salvos for Dr. Mehmet Oz, who Trump has endorsed in the race over her and the other candidates.

"I call him a 'MINO,' MAGA in name only," Sands said. "Trump isn't on the ballot. He is, and he served in the Turkish military, not the U.S. military."

Sands insisted she will always put Pennsylvania first and she has not "flip-flopped" on any of the issues.

"I'm a pro-life, pro-First Amendment, pro-Second Amendment, constitutional conservative," she said. "I'm an America First businesswoman, a Christian, and a mom. I'm an eight-generation Pennsylvanian and my Pennsylvania ancestors fought in the American Revolution and in the Civil War."

She also compared the current fight to "1776, because the people in power right now, the radical Biden administration, are attempting to take away our constitutional rights. We have to fight back, and we need America First congressmen and senators to do this."

Sands is not at the top of the polls before Tuesday's election, and she noted time is limited because the Club for Growth has given $2 million to Barnette, "someone who when she talks about business, it sounds like Kamala Harris. It sounds like gobbledygook. She has no idea about business."

Sands ran a small business with her father, as she is a third-generation doctor of chiropractic, and then she has run a medium-sized business with a national footprint and hundreds of employees.

"I'm the only candidate in this race who will be ready on day one, because I've worked to deter Russia and China, working with NATO and the Pentagon," Sands said. "I've worked to increase our trade with my team by over 43% while I was the U.S. ambassador, so I'm ready in foreign policy, trade policy, and defense policy."


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