Andrew Giuliani to Newsmax TV: New York Can Be Turned Around Again

Andrew Giuliani to Newsmax TV: New York Can Be Turned Around Again (Newsmax TV/"Greg Kelly Reports"

By Brian Trusdell | Wednesday, 19 May 2021 09:29 PM

New York gubernatorial candidate Andrew Giuliani pledged to revive the state in much the same way his father did for New York City, outlining a three-step plan on Newsmax TV Wednesday that included cutting taxes and regulation, reducing crime and introducing school choice.

“New York can be saved,” the 35-year-old son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said on “Greg Kelly Reports.” “You and I know that. We want it to be saved, well before we're grandparents.”

Giuliani, the only declared candidate so far seeking the Republican nomination, could face Rep. Lee Zeldin from eastern Long Island and or former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, both of whom have been mentioned as potential foes.

“They're good friends of mine,” said Giuliani, who became a Newsmax contributor in March but left the role after announcing he was considering running for governor. “I think the truth is our policies, they’re very similar in terms of how we're presenting it out. So far our polling is much better in terms of running against whoever the Democratic nominee is.”

Giuliani suggested that embattled incumbent New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo or Attorney General Letitia James would likely be the Democratic nominee.

But he said he witnessed the rescue of New York City under his father, who replaced Democrat David Dinkins following the upheaval in the early 1990s including the Crown Heights riots and a declining economy.

New York has been hard hit by the outbreak of COVID-19, with businesses shuttering under restrictions imposed ostensibly to mitigate its spread, surging unemployment and residents fleeing the state, which helped result in the state losing one member in the House of Representatives in the latest census count.

“New York can be turned around,” Giuliani said. “We know that we've seen that as New Yorkers. Here the three main policies that I'll be laying out. One we're going to light the economic furnace again in New York, right? That's the first thing we're going to do by deregulating, cutting taxes.

“Secondly, most importantly, we're going to make sure that we cut crime. We're going to make sure cops are completely, completely protected in their qualified immunity and that bail reform is repealed. And thirdly, we're going make sure that parents have a say over their children's education, not bureaucrats up in Albany.”

While noting he is only 35, two years younger than the state’s youngest governor ever elected, former President Teddy Roosevelt, Giuliani said he learned a lot by watching his father and former President Donald Trump, whom he worked for as White House director of the Office of Public Liaison.

“So what I say is I've spent parts of five different decades in politics, 32 years in politics, right?” said Giuliani, who is seeking to be the first Republican to become governor since 2006. “Everything from seeing how City Hall was changed [to] working in the White House with the top CEO in the United States.”

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