Ariz. Primary Candidate Lake to Newsmax: US Seeing Its ‘Largest Invasion’ at Mexico Border

Ariz. Primary Candidate Lake to Newsmax: US Seeing Its 'Largest Invasion' at Mexico Border (Newsmax/"American Agenda")

By Jay Clemons | Wednesday, 06 July 2022 04:50 PM EDT

Kari Lake doesn't pull any punches when discussing the situation at the United States-Mexico border, President Joe Biden's apparent disinterest in securing the southern border, or her competition for Arizona's Republican gubernatorial primary on Aug. 2.

The way Lake sees it, Arizona desperately needs a governor who will project strength and confidence to the masses, while also keeping residents safe, ensuring election integrity, and giving the state's economy every possible chance to grow.

"It's going to take one strong governor [to solve the border crisis], and that's why I'm running," Lake told Newsmax on Wednesday, while appearing on "American Agenda" with host Bob Sellers.

As a prime example of her action plan, Lake pledges that "we're going to get the ball rolling on Day 1, when I issue a Declaration of Invasion" regarding the border crisis.

In just 18 months, the Biden administration has become responsible for letting "millions" of illegal migrants cross into America, and allowing the cartels to smuggle potent drugs like fentanyl across the border, leading to the "killing of our young people," says Lake.

"We're experiencing the largest invasion of our homeland [in history], and it's happening now under Joe Biden," says Lake, who's an aggregate favorite of 8.5 points to win Arizona's Republican gubernatorial primary (via Real Clear Politics).

"[President Biden] knows this is going on. He knows we had a secure border under President Donald J. Trump, and all the policies [Trump] implemented.

"And on Day 1 of his presidency, Joe Biden came in and tore that back," Lake added.

Lake commended Border Patrol agents for seizing 5 1/2 tons of fentanyl at the border over the last 18 months. But then again, that amount might only cover a fraction of the fentanyl smuggled past the southern border.

"That's what the cartels allowed us to confiscate," says Lake, who estimates that 80-90% of the smuggled fentanyl never gets seized by border agents. "And that's why we're seeing these outrageous levels of fentanyl poisoning people in our country."

According to Lake, the state of Arizona loses out on approximately $2.8 billion from mishandling the southern border.

"We need to 'Defend Arizona,' and that's exactly what my border plan does," said Lake, while holding up a copy of her published border plan, if she became Arizona's governor. "We've got to get tough on the border. We cannot allow our country to be invaded like this, and we will make sure that we take back operational control" of the border.

Lake then added, "Arizona can't afford this anymore."

Lake also has little tolerance for non-U.S. citizens voting in state and federal elections; and yet, she's not surprised that Biden's Department of Justice wants to sue Arizona for leaving Election Day to American citizens-only.

"We should have to show identification when we vote. What's wrong with that? It ensures the legal votes are counted," says Lake, while adding that her GOP primary opponents have been slow to get tough with border control and fair elections.

"The DOJ is OK with illegals coming here and then voting. We've got to get our elections back to where they're honest."

Lake then added, "It's simple: Americans can vote [in federal elections]. Illegals cannot."


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