Arizona AG Mark Brnovich to Newsmax TV: Don’t Demonize State’s Audit Process, Respect it

Arizona AG Mark Brnovich to Newsmax TV: Don't Demonize State's Audit Process, Respect it (Newsmax TV/"American Agenda")

By Jim Thomas | Tuesday, 27 April 2021 08:59 PM

“I think it's important that you know instead of demonizing this process instead of, you know, being hypercritical of our state Senate, we should respect the process; and we should let the Senate go forth with its audit," said Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

The question of whether the Arizona Senate has the authority to conduct an audit of votes cast in Maricopa County in the last presidential election is under scrutiny.

On that question, Brnovich appeared on Tuesday’s “American Agenda” on Newsmax TV and started, “the Senate has the authority and so it's important. I think, because the Senate can conduct this audit, they have that legal authority, he continued, “and I know there's some people out there that don't like it. You know the radical left, but at the end of the day, I mean, ask yourself, what's wrong with doing this?”

The recount of the ballots from Maricopa County Arizona was sought by Senate Republicans to examine claims that fraud or errors tainted President Biden’s win, reported the Washington Post.

“I mean, what's wrong with getting to the bottom of what happened or didn't happen?" He asked. "Let's just let the process play out."

Others disagree, primarily the left, Brnovich believes that the left is doing everything it can to stop the audit.

“There’s a phalanx, like 70 Democratic lawyers from all of the country. The far left is trying to do everything they can to not only undermine the process, but to stop it,” he said.

Brnovich says he received correspondence on Friday from his Democratic Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs wanting his office to investigate how the audit was being done or what was happening with it.

“The reality is,” he said, “There's a lot of speculation. There's a lot of innuendo and people are saying this, that and the other thing, but I keep saying, at the end of the day, let the Senate do its job.”

“I respect the separation of powers, they are the ones (Senate) that are overseeing the process, how the audit’s done and once done, you know, I don't think it's my job or anyone else is job to micromanage how they do that,” he said. “I think it's important that we respect the process and that we make sure we do everything we can to ensure the integrity results because we want people to have confidence in the results," he added.

Waiting for the audit results is the best solution now, he says, and after that, people will be in a better position to judge what did or did not happen in that election.

“You know, look at the end of the day I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of written about this election. There's gonna be a lot of you know, 'post op,' you know analyzing what went right, what went wrong, and I think at the end of the day you know people like the Board of Supervisors in various counties, I mean, they are politically accountable.” he said.

“I'm sure in a couple years will have an opportunity to decide whether they thought the Secretary of State did the right thing or not,” he concluded.

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