Arizona Candidate Robson to Newsmax: Feeling ‘Fabulous’ About Primary

Arizona Candidate Robson to Newsmax: Feeling 'Fabulous' About Primary (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 02 August 2022 02:22 PM EDT

Arizona GOP gubernatorial primary candidate Karrin Taylor Robson, speaking with Newsmax as voters in her state were heading to the polls in Tuesday's election, commented that her campaign feels "absolutely confident" of her chances against challenger Kari Lake.

The polls have shown them in a statistical tie for weeks.

"Yesterday or earlier this week, a national poll came out, showing me in the lead," Robson told "National Report." "My campaign has all the momentum and we feel fabulous about the outcome today."

The race has been seen as a proxy battle between Robson, who is endorsed by former Vice President Mike Pence, and Lake, endorsed by former President Donald Trump, but Robson, a member of the Arizona Board of Regents from 2017-2021, insisted the election is about what it takes to lead her state.

"The vice president is a former governor, and he joins a long list of other governors," Robson said. "I now have nine governors, current and past governors across this country, endorsing me because they know what it takes to lead a state. They know what it takes and executive skills and leadership and experience are required. I'm ready to lead on day one. I don't need on-the-job training like my opponent would need."

The border crisis is a critical issue in Arizona, and Robson pointed out Tuesday the U.S. Border Patrol Council has endorsed her candidacy and her six-point plan for a solution to the problems the state faces.

"My six-point border plan calls for entering into a multi-state compact with other governors," said Robson, who was on the program with Mark Morgan, the acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection under Trump. "We are on the front lines of a 50-state border war. We're just getting a disproportionate impact here in Arizona, and the first thing I will do as governor is to call an emergency session of our legislature to find the resources necessary to send down to our border communities who are being overrun."

Robson said her administration will also "construct the wall where we can."

"We will utilize surveillance technology," Robson said. "We will do everything we can to protect the people and property of the state of Arizona because Washington, D.C., and the failed policies of the Biden-Harris administration have left us vulnerable."

Morgan, meanwhile, said all states are now border states and are "taking the brunt of this catastrophic crisis that's been intentionally created by this administration's open border policies."

That means states like Arizona and Texas must "have the political courage and will to push back and do what needs to be done to secure our borders and stop Americans from dying every single day because of this administration's open border policies," Morgan said.


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