Arizona Election Audit Pits McCain Widow vs. State GOP Head Kelli Ward

Arizona Election Audit Pits McCain Widow vs. State GOP Head Kelli Ward Arizona Election Audit Pits McCain Widow vs. State GOP Head Kelli Ward Cindy McCain (AP)

By Brian Trusdell | Monday, 03 May 2021 04:37 PM

The widow of former Republican Sen. John McCain criticized the ongoing Arizona Senate-ordered November election audit, characterizing it as “ludicrous” and saying “the election is over.”

Cindy McCain, who said she’d never forgive former President Donald Trump for his electoin-season insult of her husband for being a Vietname POW, also called it “crazy.”

"Listen, this whole thing is ludicrous, quite frankly,” she told CNN on Sunday. “It's ludicrous.”

"The election is over. [President Joe] Biden won," she added. "I know many of them don't like the outcome, but, you know, elections have consequences. And so … this does not surprise me, you know, that things are just aloof and crazy out there right now with regards to the election."

Dr. Kelli Ward, the chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, immediately took to Twitter to excoriate McCain.

“She has NO IDEA what she’s talking about,” wrote Ward, an osteopathic doctor. “Anyone who would seek her out as credible on GOP issues is a #FakeNews hack. I’ve been heavily involved with the GOP for over a decade & she’s never been anywhere near grassroots policy or politics. AND she campaigned & voted for Biden.”

The Republican-controlled Arizona Senate ordered the forensic audit be conducted of votes in Maricopa County by security consulting company Cyber Ninjas.

Maricopa County contains 62%, or about 4.5 million, of Arizona’s population of 7.2 million.

The Arizona Secretary of State’s office said as of October 2020, the county consisted of about 35% registered Republicans and 31% registered Democrats, but certified results showed that Biden won 50.3% (1,040,774) to Trump’s 48.1% (995,665), a difference of about 45,000 votes in a state Biden claimed by 11,000.

It was one of several states where Trump claimed voter fraud cost him the election.

McCain endorsed Biden for election, an effort critics claim is part of her ongoing feud with Trump, and reportedly is being considered by the Biden administration as U.S. ambassador to the UN World Food Program. Besides Cindy McCain, her daughter, Meghan McCain, openly called for Trump’s impeachment earlier this year.

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