Arizona Senate Candidate to Newsmax: Biden ‘Trying to Destroy’ The Country

Arizona Senate Candidate to Newsmax: Biden 'Trying to Destroy' The Country (Newsmax/"The Chris Salcedo Show")

By Charles Kim | Tuesday, 21 December 2021 08:04 PM

Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters told Newsmax Tuesday that President Joe Biden is governing like “he is trying to destroy” the country.

“The election in 2020 wasn't exactly a free and fair election, but Biden's president, and it is a complete disaster,” Masters, the CEO of Thiel Capital, who is running against former astronaut Democrat Mark Kelly for the state’s Seante seat, said during “The Chris Salcedo Show” Tuesday. “He's governing the country as if he's trying to destroy it.”

Since taking office in January, Biden has acted more like a tyrant than a president of a free republic, Masters said using vaccine mandates as an example.

“He admits these vaccine mandates aren't popular. Of course, they're not popular. I mean, this is literal tyranny,” he said. “It's not about saving lives. It's not about public health. It's about control.”

Masters said that most people that are getting seriously ill with COVID-19 now are older, obese, or have other health conditions that cause the worst outcomes.

“We know this virus doesn't hurt young people, doesn't hurt children, doesn't hurt people predominantly unless they're overweight or old, but he wants to make sure that every American is forced to get a vaccine,” he said. “This is his dream, and I find it dystopian. We need to stop this and push back hard.”

Masters, who said he lives about 100 miles from the southern border, said that the immigration situation, while not perfect, was much better under former President Donald Trump just 14 months ago.

“The southern border is the biggest crime scene in America. You know it wasn't perfect under President Trump, but it was pretty darn good. He had the situation under control in September 2020,” he said. “Fast forward 14 months later, you've got 225,000 illegal aliens crossing illegally every month. The fentanyl that crosses our southern border every month is enough to kill every American twice over.”

Masters said the White House does not seem to care that China may have accidentally let COVID-19 loose, by accident, or on purpose, from the Wuhan lab, or that they are funneling the deadly drug fentanyl through the southern border.

“The fentanyl that China's shipping through there, they are doing that on purpose, and it's killing hundreds of thousands of Americans,” he said. “For the Biden White House, not only do they not care, but they apparently affirmatively want this. They want chaos and destruction. They want to thin out the ranks of border patrol by mandating that they get the vaccine. They want lawlessness and chaos and that's what they're giving us.”

Masters praised Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., for killing Biden’s $1.75 trillion “Build Back Better” legislation by announcing Sunday he would not vote for the bill, something that Masters’ opponent Mark Kelly should have also said.

“I am glad that Sen. Manchin spiked this ‘Build Back Better’ bill, he said. “He's reflecting the will of his constituents. He's actually being independent of (Senate Majority Leader) Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and I do respect that. This ‘Build Back Better’ bill would have been catastrophic, and it's shameful that Arizonans had to look to a West Virginian Senator, Joe Manchin, to bail them out to protect them from huge inflation from crazy tax increases.”

Masters also said it should be illegal for members of Congress to trade stocks and make millions of dollars while they are serving in Washington.

“It's just so corrupt. It appears corrupt and corrosive to our politics,” he said. “I think that should be illegal, and if any individual member of Congress trades on insider information, they should go to jail. You know, we can't have two standards of justice in this country.”

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