Arkansas Lt. Gov. Griffin to Newsmax: Will Push Back on Biden If Elected AG

Arkansas Lt. Gov. Griffin to Newsmax: Will Push Back on Biden If Elected AG an illustration for arkansas primary with a checkmark (Andre Lefrancois/Dreamstime)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 24 May 2022 11:24 AM

Arkansas GOP Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin, who has been endorsed for state attorney general by former President Donald Trump, told Newsmax on Tuesday voters are responding well to his top priority to "push back against the Biden administration and federal overreach."

"That could be on the issue of life, it could be on the issue of environmental regulations, religious liberty, the Second Amendment, you name it, but we've got to be vigilant," Griffin told "National Report."

Griffin said it is vital to hold the federal government and the administration accountable on laws, regulations, and executive orders, and to make sure there is a balance between states, the federal government, and attorneys general "to make sure that the lines of authority are enforced."

It is also important to watch out for the interests of his Arkansas constituents, Griffin continued, adding he will be able to balance his state's needs with challenging Biden policies on the federal level.

"All good leaders can walk and chew gum at the same time," he said. "Whether as a member of congress as lieutenant governor as an officer in the military for 26 years, you have to be able to do several things at once."

The Arkansas Attorney General's office is a "great" place where "different people focus on different things," he said.

"I think there's plenty of capability to push back against the Biden administration, which serves Arkansans [and] at the same time stand shoulder to shoulder with law enforcement, which is so needed because of the nonsense that comes out of the left, from defunding the police to blaming the police for society's ills," Griffin said.

There are many other vital issues, including being sure Arkansas consumers are being protected, including reforming the criminal justice system, according to Griffin.

"A lot of stuff needs to be done, and you don't get to pick one thing and do that," he added. "Leaders need to lead, and they need to lead wherever there is a need, and there are a lot of needs. If I'm elected, I'm gonna bring my energy and passion. We're gonna be moving forward on a whole lot of fronts. We're gonna be chewing gum, walking, running, jogging, and doing lots of other stuff all at once."


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