Axios/Ipsos Poll: Vaccine Hesitancy Appears to Be Waning

Axios/Ipsos Poll: Vaccine Hesitancy Appears to Be Waning Boy receives a vaccine Oliver Barr, 13, receives his COVID-19 vaccine administered by medical assistant Karina Cisneros from St. John's Well Child & Family Center at Abraham Lincoln High School in Los Angeles, California, on May 13. (FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

By Jeffrey Rodack | Tuesday, 31 August 2021 07:52 AM

Sixty-eight percent of parents said they have had their children receive the COVID-19 vaccine or are likely to as soon as it is permitted for their age group, according to a new Axios/Ipsos poll.

The number represents a jump of 12 points from just two weeks ago.

Here are how the poll results, released Tuesday, break down:

  • 43% said a mandate from their employer requiring them to get the vaccine would make them likely to do so. The number is up from 33% a month ago.
  • 72% of adults said they have taken the vaccine, while another 8% say they are likely to take it.
  • 20% say they are not very likely or not likely at all to take the vaccine. The number is down from 34% in March and 23% just two weeks ago.
  • 19% said their place of employment is requiring all workers to get the vaccine. That’s an increase from 16% two weeks ago.
  • 54% said their bosses are mandating that masks be worn in the workplace, an increase from the 51% who said the same thing two weeks ago.
  • 40% said teachers or government workers in their area are required to get the vaccine. The number is up from 34% two weeks ago.
  • 60% say returning to their pre-COVID-19 lives would present a large or moderate risk – an increase from 53% two weeks earlier.
  • 59% say they visited friends or relatives in the past week. That’s down 8 percentage points from a month ago.

The poll, conducted Aug. 27-30, surveyed 1,071 adults. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.2 percentage points.