Barney Frank to Newsmax: GOP May Win House in 2022 But Won’t Change Programs

Barney Frank to Newsmax: GOP May Win House in 2022 But Won't Change Programs (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 25 November 2021 02:57 PM

Republicans will probably retake the House next year, considering the traditional way the opposite party of that holding the White House wins the midterms, and the effects of gerrymandering nationwide, but they won't likely change many of the programs the Democrat-controlled House will have put in place while it held the majority this year and next, former Rep. Barney Frank said on Newsmax Thursday.

"It's going to be a rerun of Obamacare because the nature of politics is not ideological," the Massachusetts Democrat said on Newsmax's "National Report." "It's easier to keep something from happening in the first place and undo it after it has been put in place and people have participated in the benefits."

Frank added that he is "much more optimistic" about the Democrats' chances of winning in 2024, the year of the next presidential race than in 2022 because, by 2024, the programs the Democrats implemented will start taking hold and prove popular.

He also said he believes by then, inflation will have slowed down, which will also affect matters.

Meanwhile, a poll that was completed for former President Donald Trump's Make America Great Again showed respondents favor Trump over Biden on vital issues like immigration or crime, and those surveys are more important than the same poll's findings that Trump would win over Biden in states that voted blue in the last election, said Frank.

"My guess is the polls at this point on issues are relevant polls, but the ones on who's going to win the horse race three years out don't mean anything," he said.

However, he said, Trump was unable to get an infrastructure bill passed in four years, but Biden pushed through a bipartisan bill in 10 months.

"Much of what will be relevant in 2024 is the actual buildout of some of these bills," said Frank. "Three years from now we're going to have infrastructure projects funded by that bill that will be popular in their local areas. Going forward, that will change the polls."

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