Biden Inflation Puts Senate Dem Candidates at Risk

Biden Inflation Puts Senate Dem Candidates at Risk (Newsmax)

By Jack Gournell | Wednesday, 12 October 2022 09:43 PM EDT

While the GOP is heavily favored to take the House, a new report from Breibart indicates they could also take the Senate due to the economy under President Joe Biden.

Breitbart's Wendell Husebø reports the record high inflation, not seen in nearly 40 years, offers a "key indicator" for how the Democrats will perform in the midterms.

Husebø, citing from a Politico/Morning Consult poll Wednesday, indicates that Biden's approval rating among independents has plunged by four points in the last week.

"Last week, Biden's approval rating among independents was 33%," Husebø writes. "Seven days later, Biden's approval dropped to 29 percent, a huge dip in one week heading into the November 8 election just 27 days away."

In order for Democrats to keep control of the Senate, they must hold on to "North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania or prevent Republicans from winning any of five currently held Democrat seats: Georgia, New Hampshire, Nevada, Arizona, or Washington State," according to the analysis.

But in states such as "Nevada, Georgia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Arizona," the economy remains a top issue.

In Nevada, a USA Today/Suffolk University Poll on Wednesday revealed the economy is the top issue for 43% of registered voters in the state.

"Nevadans are faced with the highest inflation rate they've seen in decades, making it harder for them to afford everyday goods and more expensive to raise their families," Trump-backed Nevada Senate candidate Adam Paul Laxalt tweeted in August. "@CortezMasto's record of voting with Biden on the economy 100% of the time is costing Nevadans $9,975/year."