Biden Promoting Economic Policies Versus ‘Extreme’ MAGA Agenda

Biden Promoting Economic Policies Versus 'Extreme' MAGA Agenda a trump supporter shows his signed hat at a rally in scranton pennsylvania (Kena Betancur/Getty Images)

By Charlie McCarthy | Tuesday, 10 May 2022 10:01 AM

Amid high inflation, a migrant crisis at the southern border and the Russia-Ukraine war, President Joe Biden is taking aim at what he calls Republicans' "extreme" MAGA agenda.

Biden began the effort in earnest last week by calling former President Donald Trump's Make America Great Again movement "the most extreme political organization in American history."

Now, Biden plans to try to deflect attention on his failings by contrasting his progressive agenda against the one GOP senator's plan for the economy.

With numerous polls showing that Biden's party faces an uphill climb in November's midterms, many Democrats have encouraged Biden to sharpen his attacks on Republicans.

"Biden needs to make sure every American knows that Republicans have a plan to raise taxes on your small business — and one of the guys responsible for electing more Republicans to Congress is the mastermind behind the plan," Democrat strategist Mike Morey told The Hill.

"Biden needs to be aggressive in telling every small landscaper, home bakery, Etsy-based business, and home child care company that Republicans don't think you pay enough in taxes. If they take control of Congress, they will raise your taxes."

One Democrat strategist was more blunt.

"Why the f*** would we not do this every single day on repeat? Every day. All day. This is us, and that's them. This is exactly what moves voters, and we've failed to figure that out until now," the strategist told The Hill.

Biden is scheduled to give a Tuesday speech about his plan "to fight inflation and lower costs for middle-class families," according to a White House official.

The president plans to discuss steps his administration has taken to address high prices, and will criticize an 11-point plan offered by Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla.

Scott put together a 31-page plan for Republicans to use as a blueprint should they take control of the Senate and House in the midterm elections.

Scott's agenda is a clear break from Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who has declined to release a GOP plan as the midterms approach.

Biden, as he did last week, likely will try to appeal to his progressive base and moderates by often mentioning Trump and MAGA.

"You can expect the president will talk about why that [Scott's] plan might make sense to people with memberships at Mar-a-Lago, but would be devastating for the middle class," the White House official said.

Many Republicans believe many Americans, who are feeling the impact of rising costs, will not be swayed by Biden's words.

"Biden's lies won't pay the bills – Biden and his administration's failed economic agenda are alone to blame for the skyrocketing prices and looming recession Americans are facing," Republican National Committee spokeswoman Emma Vaughn said in a statement, The Hill said.

"Voters know that Republican-led states are leading in economic recovery and job creation, and will vote for Republicans and our proven agenda come November."

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