Bo Dietl to Newsmax: Manhattan DA Bragg Retracts Decriminalization Memo

Bo Dietl to Newsmax: Manhattan DA Bragg Retracts Decriminalization Memo

(Newsmax/''Eric Bolling: The Balance'')

By Nick Koutsobinas | Tuesday, 25 January 2022 06:01 PM

Former New York police detective Bo Dietl told Newsmax that Manhattan's new district attorney, Alvin Bragg, has retracted his own memo calling for the ''decriminalization/non prosecution'' of crimes including resisting arrest, interfering with an arrest, and prostitution.

Appearing on Tuesday's ''Eric Bolling: The Balance,'' Dietl said: ''They had a crime commission phone call yesterday morning with Mr. Bragg, … There was a DA on there, good friend of mine … and he was talking to him. … All of a sudden he went at him, and Bragg did a 180.

''And he goes, 'I now take it all [back]. I should have never released that memo, and it was wrong, and I own it.' He goes, 'right now you go into a store with a baseball bat, gun, knife, you do robbery, you're going to be prosecuted as a felon. You resist arrest with a police officer making an arrest, you will be prosecuted.' He backed off everything.''

According to National Review, Bragg on Thursday said: ''I understand why those who read my memo of January 3rd have been left with the wrong impression about how I will enforce New York's laws. I take full accountability for that confusion caused.''

On his third day in office, Bragg sent out a memo emphasizing ''diversion and alternatives to incarceration,'' such as crisis intervention instead of jail.

Bragg also made reference to the previous administration and how crime is skyrocketing in New York.

''Gun crime is on the rise,'' Bragg said in a speech at the National Action Network Rally in New York. ''Domestic violence is on the rise. We've got sexual assault. That's what was going on with the status quo. So we know we need a change to address that.

''And the way to do that is partner with traditional public safety methods, is to invest in our communities. Racial disparity's rife in our system. We criminalize poverty every day of the week.''

Bragg also said that for repeat offenders or those struggling with mental health problems, crisis intervention or some type of counseling service could supplant longer sentencing, adding that ''this is going to make us safer.''

The report comes to light after two New York City police officers were shot last week and died of their wounds.

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