Boeing Fires 65 Employees for ‘Racist, Discriminatory’ Behavior

Boeing Fires 65 Employees for 'Racist, Discriminatory' Behavior Boeing Fires 65 Employees for 'Racist, Discriminatory' Behavior Traffic drives in view of a massive Boeing Co. production plant, where images of jets decorate the hangar doors, Friday, April 23, 2021, in Everett, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

By Jeffrey Rodack | Tuesday, 04 May 2021 12:48 PM

Aerospace giant Boeing says it has fired 65 employees and disciplined 53 others since June 2020 for “engaging in or being part of racist, discriminatory or otherwise hateful conduct.”

The figures come from a statement by Boeing President and CEO David Calhoun on the company website.

"As we have witnessed horrific images in the news and heard heartbreaking stories from our people, our determination to advance equity, diversity and inclusion has only become stronger," Calhoun said. "It is clear we have an opportunity to be a force for change within our walls and in our communities — and we are taking an important step forward today."

Citing the data's relation to "the equity action plan I shared with you last year," Calhoun said the company has "reinforced our commitment to root out racism and invest in equity and racial justice inside and outside Boeing."

Calhoun wrote that Boeing's Racial Equity Task Force "has been making strides in establishing themselves as an internal think tank supporting our efforts to create systemic inclusion and transformational change." That newly developed unit has been "working with our Global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion team and extending the meaningful work of our Business Resource Groups and Diversity Councils" as they continue "engaging" with employees and working to "identify innovative approaches to inclusion and racial equity."

"This work is a business imperative for us, because diversity and inclusion make us better in every way; when everyone has a voice, everyone is inspired to succeed together," Calhoun wrote. "As we resolve to do better, the gaps we see in our representation show us where we must focus our efforts to address disparities. We are sharing these metrics because transparency will help drive shared accountability, and we will continue to do so each year going forward to keep ourselves accountable."

Calhoun, noting the company has “zero tolerance approach to behavior that is contrary to our values," said it is holding “our people accountable.”

"Between June 2020 and April 21, 2021, the company terminated 65 employees and took other corrective action against 53 employees for engaging in or being a part of racist, discriminatory or otherwise hateful conduct. There is no place for hate within our company, and we will keep expecting the best from everyone in their interactions with one another."

Specifics of the incidents used to compile the data weren't given.

Meanwhile, according to Reuters, Boeing had reported a smaller quarterly loss last Wednesday as increased 737 MAX jet deliveries reflected a cautious rebound in air travel from the pandemic.

But optimism in a resurgent U.S. domestic travel market is offset by concerns over COVID variants in India and elsewhere, clouding the industry's recovery, Reuters reported.