Burgess Owens to Newsmax TV: Biden Administration Showing ‘Cowardice’ on Border

Burgess Owens to Newsmax TV: Biden Administration Showing 'Cowardice' on Border ("John Bachman Now"/Newsmax TV)

By Theodore Bunker | Wednesday, 07 April 2021 03:56 PM

Rep. Burgess Owens told Newsmax TV on Wednesday that there is “chaos” at the southwest U.S. border, and said that President Joe Biden and his administration have shown “cowardice” by not traveling to the area.

“First of all, this is chaos,” Owens, R-Utah, told “John Bachman Now” on Wednesday. “And unlike the reports that they're gonna do something about it, don't trust them. These people, they have an agenda and we're seeing it firsthand.”

He added that it’s “heart wrenching to see these youths coming through here. I said to watch the 7-year-old little girl, artistic, and she's been here for 17 days now. And I saw in Tarrytown, we're sitting here talking with the rest of this, these great border guards, she was just tears in her eyes the whole time. You saw these 3- and 5-year-old kids being dropped from a 14[-foot] high wall. You see this young boy of 9 years old that actually is lost or abandoned? This is just a few of the stories out there (sic).”

Owens continued, “I'm looking old days, old school, I grew up in the day when men were expected, he saw danger coming toward their family, abuse of their family, abuse of their kids, their wife, the last thing that guy would do was close his eyes. If you did, he was called a coward. I see the administration today is cowardice, period. They're closing their eyes and expect the rest of the country to do the same. We're not gonna do that. We care too much about Americans and those innocents have come to the border.”

He later said, “I think we need to wake up, recognize it was going on, guys, and they're not gonna close this border because it benefits them too much to keep this misery going on.”

Owens added that the Biden administration is “in D.C., they have no clue, they have not visited and I’m going to say the word again. We have a vice president and a president showing cowardice, not coming down to see what's going on. If you want to see courage take a look at what these border guards are doing. They get up every single day, they're being overwhelmed, but yet they're taking their time, helping those kids as much as they can, trying to come up with innovative ways to pass these people through. And believe me, the borders are open right now.”

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