Bush, Clinton, Obama to Help Afghan Evacuees

Bush, Clinton, Obama to Help Afghan Evacuees michelle obama hugs former president george double you bush in a famed photo during the 2016 presidential election (Getty Images)

By Jeffrey Rodack | Tuesday, 14 September 2021 01:34 PM

Former presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama are part of a new effort aimed at helping Afghans resettle in the United States after having been forced out of their own country, multiple news outlets are reporting.

The three ex-presidents are joined by their wives, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama as honorary co-chairs for Welcome.US, USA Today reported.

The new group will bring together top refugee organizations, the government, and major businesses to get involved with Americans on how to help Afghan refugees resettle.

"America has long been a beacon of hope and refuge for those in search of safety," Welcome.US Co-Chairs Cecilia Muñoz and John Bridgeland told USA Today. "This effort to welcome Afghans who have already contributed so much will enrich us all by their very presence and show the world America at our very best."

The Hill noted Muñoz had served as director of the White House Domestic Policy Council under Obama. Bridgeland held the same post under Bush.

George and Laura Bush, in a joint statement, said they are "proud" to support the effort.

"Thousands of Afghans stood with us on the front lines to push for a safer world, and now they need our help," they said. "We stand ready to show our new Afghan neighbors and the rest of the world how a welcoming and generous spirit forms the backbone of what makes our country so great."

And The Hill noted, the group has also welcomed the support of "Welcome States," which includes state and local officials such as Colorado Democrat Gov. Jared Polis and Maryland GOP Gov. Larry Hogan.

The group said it will also launch a national campaign to detail the need for Americans to join the effort to help resettle Afghan refugees.

And CBS News reported the administration is faced with resettling more than 50,000 Afghan evacuees.