Buyers of Hunter Biden’s Art to Stay Anonymous

Buyers of Hunter Biden's Art to Stay Anonymous Buyers of Hunter Biden's Art to Stay Anonymous Hunter Biden arrives for the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on Jan. 20, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Jonathan Ernst-Pool/Getty Images)

By Jeremy Frankel | Wednesday, 16 June 2021 09:48 PM

Anyone who buys the artwork of Hunter Biden, which is to be featured in a New York exhibition this fall, will stay anonymous.

This is raising concerns regarding pay-for-play and potential Biden family corruption. According to Breitbart, Soho art dealer Georges Bergès, who reportedly has ties to China, is working with Biden and is expected to hold a private viewing for Biden’s artwork in Los Angeles and an exhibition in New York. The artwork is expected to sell for $75,000-$500,000.

The Townshend Group, an agency representing Bergès, told Fox Business that sales are always confidential in order to protect the collector’s privacy.

The group added that “[P]ricing fine art in his experiences as a Gallerist is based on the demand of the work as well and the intrinsic value of it. His feeling is that within each piece – as with every artist, sales are always confidential to protect the privacy of the collector, this is standard practice for transactions in galleries as well as auction houses.”

However, it is likely that the Biden family name will add significantly to the price, furthering potential corruption concerns. Alex Acevedo, owner of the Alexander Gallery in Midtown Manhattan, told The New York Post that “[H]e’s the president’s son. Everybody would want a piece of that. The provenance is impeccable.”

Art consultant Martin Galindo seemed to agree with Acevedo, telling the Post that the artwork will do “well in the market because this industry is very much about, what’s a simple way to put this — it’s like clout.”

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