Caitlyn Jenner Supports Pathway to Citizenship for Illegals

Caitlyn Jenner Supports Pathway to Citizenship for Illegals caitlyn jenner poses for a picture Caitlyn Jenner walks the red carpet at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party on February 09, 2020. (Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for IMDb)

By Eric Mack | Sunday, 09 May 2021 02:45 PM

California's undocumented immigrants should have a path to citizenship, according to gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner.

"I would hope so," Jenner told CNN's Dana Bash. "I am for legal immigration, O.K."

Jenner, a famed Olympic male champion and now-transgender woman, said what is happening on the border was one of the primary reasons she decided to run for governor in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 2-1 margin.

"I was watching people dying come across the river, kids in cages – whatever you want to call them," she said.

Illegal immigrants should "absolutely" have a path to citizenship, she added.

"They should," she said. "Personally – I mean, there's a lot of people, but personally – I have met some of the most wonderful people who are immigrants, who have come to this country and they are just model citizens. They are just great people, and I would fight for them to be U.S. citizens and I think it would be the greatest day of their life."

But, on deportation, Jenner was equally absolute.

"The bad ones have to leave," she said, noting those with "criminal records, MS-13" gang members are among the "lot of bad people who are trying to cross our border illegally."

"I don't want those people in our country."

The full Jenner interview will air on "Anderson Cooper 360" on Monday night.

Jenner would pose a longshot Republican challenge to Gov. Gavin Newsom who faces a recall election, which has yet to be made official.

The recall would ask whether Californian's would like Newsom to continue as governor – yes or no – and then present the list of choices who they would like to replace him.

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