Chad Wolf to Newsmax: ‘Unacceptable’ Biden, Harris Have Not Visited Border

Chad Wolf to Newsmax: 'Unacceptable' Biden, Harris Have Not Visited Border (Newsmax/"The Chris Salcedo Show")

Monday, 24 May 2021 07:52 PM

It is "unacceptable" that neither President Joe Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris have visited the southern border to see the crisis first-hand that their policies have created, former Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf tells Newsmax.

"Simply having relationships and sending resources down to the Northern Triangle is not going to fix the problem, Wolf said Monday on "The Chris Salcedo Show." "I think it's completely unacceptable that either the president or the vice president … has not visited the men and women of the Border Patrol who are have a going to work every day trying to confront a crisis that the Biden administration created."

Biden or Harris should at least show up to say "Thank you" to the border agents, Wolf said, but added, "They actually need to go down there and do a lot more than that," including listening to their concerns and challenges.

The White House announced Monday that Harris would visit the presidents of Guatemala and Mexico in an effort to get to the root of the immigration issue.

But it's impossible to simply say you are going to look at the root causes of migration without visiting the border, Wolf said. "They're linked together, and you've got to understand the border to understand that migration, piece."

The White House has to be able to adjust to what's happening, he said. "You've got historic crisis going on at the border that is crying out for leadership, and we're not seeing it from this administration."

Biden reversed many of former President Donald Trump's immigration policies on Day 1 of his administration. Critics, such as Wolf, point to those reversals as leading to the current crisis that has led to multiple undocumented immigrants crossing the border, many being captured.

And thousands of unaccompanied children are being held in crowded facilities, bringing back images of "children in cages" that Democrats railed against in years past.

Wolf called the situation "entirely preventable," telling host Chris Salcedo, that the Trump administration "provided the Biden administration with a very secure border, going back to 2019 and 2020."

"For a variety of different reasons," Wolf said, the Biden White House "unwound and destroyed a lot of the policies that we had in place." The result will be on border states and communities who have to deal not only with undocumented immigrants crossing their property, but in many cases drug smugglers, he and others have warned.

"The Biden administration has chosen not the interest of the American people, but have chosen the interest of these illegal migrants at the end of the day," Wolf said. "You need to put America first. You need to understand what's going on in this border communities on adjust your policies accordingly."

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