Concerned Parents Group Branded as ‘Alt-right’ by Loudoun County Official

Concerned Parents Group Branded as 'Alt-right' by Loudoun County Official a shield of loudoun county, virginia (Dreamstime)

By Jeremy Frankel | Sunday, 14 November 2021 09:31 PM

Juli Briskman, a member of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors branded a group of concerned parents that mobilized against school board members as "alt-right," although the group includes Jewish and Black parents.

After the parent group Fight for Schools recently obtained enough signatures to challenge all remaining school board members who started a campaign against parents opposing teaching critical race theory, Briskman tweeted in response to the petitions filed against the school board chair:

"[Thank you, Loudoun for All] for a factual & thorough debunking of the alt-right FFS petitions. If they want to fight for schools they should support teacher pay increases, more mental health resources and ending the school to prison pipeline."

"As a Jewish American, I am completely offended," Elicia Brand, a Loudoun County mom who volunteers for Fight for Schools, told Fox News. "I take that as a personal affront. I support [Fight for Schools Executive Director] Ian Prior and everything that he is doing for the schools and the parents in every way.

"I know many people in the Fight for Schools organization, and not one of them is alt-right, not one of them is far-right, not one of them is racist. She is putting political ideology and political agenda before the needs of the citizens of Loudoun County, and she owes every one of us an apology. To call us alt-right is a punch in the gut, a stab in the heart for all parents who fight for their children."

Joe Mobley, a Black father in Loudoun County, told Fox News, "I think it's absurd; it's an ad-hominem."

Mobley added Briskman is only trying to distract from her idea that parents should not have a say in what is taught in the classroom, since your kids belong to the state, and Briskman launched her political career by flipping off then-President Donald Trump.

"Ms. Briskman's false and defamatory statement is an attack on a diverse coalition of thousands of Loudoun County residents that are utilizing a legal process to remove school board members that have violated the law and their own code of conduct," Prior told Fox News. "The best thing Ms. Briskman could do, as an elected official, is publicly retract her statement and cease and desist from regularly attacking her constituents on social media.

"But we aren't holding our breath."