Conn. Candidate Levy to Newsmax: Winning Every Poll With Independents

Conn. Candidate Levy to Newsmax: Winning Every Poll With Independents Leora Levy Republican Connecticut Senate candidate Leora Levy speaks during a debate against Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., on Wednesday in Rocky Hill, Conn. (Jessica Hill/AP)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Friday, 04 November 2022 11:39 AM EDT

Leora Levy, the GOP candidate challenging long-time Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal for his seat in Connecticut, said Friday on Newsmax that independent and unaffiliated voters are the largest bloc in her state, and she's "winning them in every single poll."

"They are also upset with Democrat policies that are making their lives unaffordable, making our communities unsafe, educating our children with woke politicization — not a traditional education that will prepare them for their future," Levy said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America."

Connecticut, she added, is "more of a purple state" than others near it like Massachusetts and New York, and aside from the urban areas is "primarily red."

However, the Hispanic vote is big for Republicans who are "upset about the Democrat policies and what they are doing to our lives," Levy added.

Voters are also upset over the "invasion at the border that's bringing fentanyl into our communities," said Levy.

"We're losing a generation of our children to fentanyl, and that's because of the open border that my opponent has never once spoken out about," Levy said.

Voters are also concerned about the rising cost of energy, particularly with home heating-oil prices climbing and leaving people to decide whether to buy food or heat their homes this winter, she added.

"These are real-life decisions that my opponent is completely out of touch with," Levy stated.

Inflation is also a large concern, the candidate said, noting that she and others weren't discussing the matter in recent years because the rate was at 1.4% under former President Donald Trump, where it's now 8.2%.

"Inflation is high prices for everything from food to gasoline to home heating oil, natural gas, which are in short supply, historically short supply," said Levy. "Life is unaffordable, and it's a direct result of the Biden policies, rubber-stamped and voted for by my opponent, Dick Blumenthal."


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