Curtis Sliwa to Newsmax: NYC Mayor Hasn’t Gotten Control of Crime

Curtis Sliwa to Newsmax: NYC Mayor Hasn't Gotten Control of Crime Curtis Sliwa to Newsmax: NYC Mayor Hasn't Gotten Control of Crime New York City Mayor Eric Adams. (Michael M. Santiago/Getty)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 13 April 2022 01:01 PM

Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa on Newsmax Wednesday blasted New York City Mayor Eric Adams as heading a city where crime is now "worse than it was under the prior mayor."

"Every day I'm in the subway it's like crawling into the belly of the beast," said Sliwa on Newsmax's "National Report" following Tuesday's shootings on the Brooklyn-to-Manhattan subway.

"This mayor has not gotten control of it…they've got to lock down this system. They've got to do the things that Rudy Giuliani did to bring this city back from being the murder capital of America to the safest big city."

That means restoring policing such as stop-and-frisk, traffic stops, and proactive policing, but "they're not doing it," he added.

And as a result, the city and its public transportation system have become "absolutely unsafe" said Sliwa.

"That's why you see people fleeing to Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina," he said. "We have to get our city back. We're the biggest city that has had the slowest recovery and it's now because of crime, not COVID, so you would think every resource imaginable would be poured into this."

He added that under former Mayor Bill de Blasio, $1 billion was taken from the police budget, but Adams has "no intention to put it back," said Sliwa.

"How are you going to continue to patrol the city subways and streets where crime is skyrocketing if you don't have enough police?" he said. "What are they going to do? Another press conference in which they go woe is me? Well, guess what? Hire more cops, get proactive, stop and frisk, start making arrests and stop moaning and groaning and complaining, or go find another job."

Sliwa also blasted politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D-N.Y. for their call to defund the police and for having fewer police officers on New York City's subways.

"I call her 'AO Crazy,'" said Sliwa. "When was the last time we saw the princess actually get into a subway car? That ain't happening. It's a double standard, my little pretties, you people, you're going to be the victims of the criminals and they care more about the criminals than they do the civilians who have to take the subway system."

As for Adams, "he's 'Mr. Law and Order,'" but he's not allowing the police to do their jobs, Sliwa added.

"This is what our subway system needs, I hate to put it that way, but a colonic," said Sliwa. "It really does because it's a sewer down there, just the attack on your senses, the homeless, the emotionally disturbed, the criminals, the gangs. It's anarchy down there. And the city and the state are doing nothing about it."

Further, recruiters are coming to New York City from places like Florida and Washington, D.C., and the city is not able to hire enough police, let alone keep them in the city, said Sliwa.

"We need police to be police," he continued. "Eric Adams was a former cop. He could lead the way. But guess what? He's half-stepping. And when you half-step in life, you get nothing done, and that's why we have worse crime now than we had with de Blasio. Could you have ever imagined that?"

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