Dan Meuser to Newsmax TV: Census Shows ‘People Are Voting With Their Feet’

Dan Meuser to Newsmax TV: Census Shows 'People Are Voting With Their Feet' (Newsmax TV/"American Agenda")

By Theodore Bunker | Tuesday, 27 April 2021 06:13 PM

Rep. Dan Meuser, R-Pa., told Newsmax TV on Tuesday that the recent results of the U.S. Census show that “people are voting with their feet” and moving to “states that are delivering a strong economy.”

Meuser told “American Agenda” that “people are voting with their feet as they say they're going to the states that are delivering a strong economy, great jobs, increases in wages. [They’re] going to the states that are exciting and have a higher quality of life, and those states happen to be red states. They're competitive when it comes to business, they're giving people opportunity.”

He added, “My state of Pennsylvania, very unfortunately, we have more people leaving it than loving it. That needs to turn around.”

Meuser said, “We're [a] very high-tax state, we spend in areas that don't deliver a great return of value and for what the people want, and that needs to change.”

He said later, “Philadelphia is a great city. Pittsburgh is as great. They're almost like big towns. We have a lot in between. I live up in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania, we've got great tourism, we've got an unbelievable work ethic, we've got resources in Pennsylvania, we got the second largest natural gas reserve in the world. We have nothing but opportunity, but on the same note, I think Pennsylvania, if it were stock, it should be at 80, right now it's at 20, and it could probably go to 140 with the right governor's office and the right plan for excellence for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Meuser said, “that's what Florida's done, that's what Texas has done. Look how they reacted to the COVID[-19 pandemic]. It couldn't have been more different than Pennsylvania. We were very restrictive, we had directives being made… closing down was commonplace. Florida was always trying to lean forward, as was Texas. It's a lot about leadership, and it's a lot about a plan that is in the interest of the people. Plan that's in the interest of the people.”

The congressman later said that although he was not one of the 200 members of Congress invited to attend Biden’s first address to a joint session of both the House and the Senate, he would have gone if he had been.

“I'd likely would have attended,” Meuser said. “I expect, however, we're going to hear much of what I did [hear] at the inauguration, and that was the idea of unity and bipartisanship. Let's face it: this first 100 days has been more about, some call it bait and switch, some call it let's make America last again. You know, it's been a contradiction in terms… I mean, the president has taken a very go-alone approach and the results, unfortunately, are speaking for themselves. Look what's happening at our border. Let's look at the divisiveness that continues. We're ready for unity. I know I'm ready for unity.”

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