Darryl Strawberry to Newsmax TV: Remember MLK’s Legacy and ‘Peaceful Rallies’

Darryl Strawberry to Newsmax TV: Remember MLK's Legacy and 'Peaceful Rallies' (Newsmax TV/"National Report")

By Theodore Bunker | Monday, 18 January 2021 02:46 PM

Darryl Strawberry told Newsmax TV on Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, that people should remember his legacy and “peaceful rallies,” in the wake of the violent riot at the Capitol earlier this month.

“You remember that Dr. King, about his legacy, his peaceful rallies and everything he was doing for the nation in those difficult times. And you just remember that he was a man that walked with grace and I think we’ve gotten away from that,” the baseball legend told “National Report.”

He added that “we’ve gotten so confused as a nation and [if] we don’t make it into peace we make it into violence, and he was not about violence even though things were coming against them at the time and all the things that they struggled with.”

Strawberry noted that “his marches were all peaceful and that’s what the nation should be about, but I think we’ve turned into lawlessness and a broke nation, a broken generation of people, and we really have to find ourselves and find love and kindness like Dr. King was preaching to us.”