Dershowitz to Greta: ‘I Am Being Banned’

Dershowitz to Greta: 'I Am Being Banned' (Newsmax/''The Record With Greta Van Susteren'')

By Eric Mack | Monday, 11 July 2022 07:58 PM EDT

Right now "the legal profession is on life support" because of those "out to get" former President Donald Trump, according to legal expert Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax.

"Lawyers today don't want to get involved in anything relating to Donald Trump; I know that from personal experience," Dershowitz told Monday's "The Record With Greta Van Susteren,'' adding that liberal activists working to "ostracize" him on Martha's Vineyard like anti-Trump activists have done to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

"Good lawyers want to stay away from this. They don't want to be Giuliani'd. They don't want to be associated. Look, they don't want to be Kavanaugh'd. They don't want to have people scream at them while they're having dinner. I'm being Kavanaugh'd myself on Martha's Vineyard."

Dershowitz has long noted the dirty looks and activism against him on the island off the coast of Massachusetts. It has continued this summer, he said.

"Recently, a restaurant that I eat in at all the time, the owner said that people have said to her, 'If you continue to serve Dershowitz, we're not going to eat here,'" Dershowitz told Van Susteren. "Another friend of mine said he heard that if I was invited to an event, it would be social suicide."

Dershowitz's latest book being released Tuesday, "The Price of Principle: Why Integrity Is Worth the Consequences," deals with attempts to cancel him because of his legal perspective not comporting with their anti-Trump ideology.

"I mean, that's why I wrote 'The Price of Principle': to tell the story," Dershowitz continued. "And what's happening to me is a microcosm of what's happening in the United States of America.

"We are not operating on principle; we're operating on partisanship. The very people who are calling these folks to testify would never do it if it was J. Edgar Hoover, who was targeting Martin Luther King, which he did back in the 1960s."

Van Susteren said that "even unpopular clients are entitled to a lawyer," but Dershowitz responded, ostensibly, fat chance in a liberal ideologue's view.

"You tell that to liberal Democrats these days and members of Congress, including some of my former students, like [Maryland Democratic Rep.] Jamie Raskin," Dershowitz said. "They will laugh at you: 'No, people aren't entitled to counsel; they're only entitled to counsel if you approve of what they did.'

"That's what's going on in America today."

Dershowitz added that Founding Father John Adams, our nation's second president, and Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, "would be ostracized" in today's hyperpartisan political climate.

"The legal profession is on life support at this point because of what the people on the left today are doing," Dershowitz concluded. "It used to be the right during McCarthyism. I fought against it then.

"I'm going to continue to fight against it even when it's my people, especially when it's my people, who are destroying the legal system and the right to counsel."


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