Devin Nunes to Newsmax: John Rich’s Song Is ‘Harmless’

Devin Nunes to Newsmax: John Rich's Song Is 'Harmless' john rich performs John Rich (Bryan Haraway/Getty Images)

By Theodore Bunker | Friday, 05 August 2022 10:42 AM EDT

Devin Nunes told Newsmax on Friday that country music star John Rich’s recent song, "Progress," which was released exclusively on Truth Social, has been unfairly banned by major radio stations.

Nunes, who heads Truth Social’s parent company Trump Media and Technology Group, told "Wake Up America" on Friday that the success of Rich's song is "an amazing story," noting, "You've got millions of dollars that are being spent every single day promoting new songs. So the fact that John Rich, no record label, no money to actually go and advertise this … all we did was put it out on Truth Social. He put his video on Rumble … it soared to number one, it sat there for two weeks in a row beating song after song after song by the woke corporates that are refusing to not only put his song under a record label, but also … refusing to actually play his song on country music stations."

Nunes added: "You would think if it's being banned by the corporates that there must be something in there about [former President Donald Trump] or [his campaign slogan, make America great again] or something. The song is harmless. I think unless you're somebody like you and I … that pays attention to politics, most people wouldn't even have a clue that this has anything to do with politics. It's really his artistic way where he talks about the problems in this country. A lot like singer-songwriters do."

Nunes said, “Back in the 60s and 70s, a lot of singer-songwriters and those songs became very popular. They met the moment. You have a guy like John Rich being suppressed, and that's why we exist here at Truth Social."