Devin Nunes to Newsmax: Truth Social Fills Trump’s Vision for Free Speech

Devin Nunes to Newsmax: Truth Social Fills Trump's Vision for Free Speech (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 28 April 2022 02:33 PM

Truth Social, which has remained at the top spot on Apple's App Store for several days, is taking off through its efforts to "give the American people their voice back," and to open the Internet for everyone, which is what former President Donald Trump wants to see happen, Devin Nunes, the California Republican who gave up his seat in Congress to become CEO of the Trump Media and Technology Group, said on Newsmax Thursday.

"It's been an amazing success story so far, and we were having fun on the platform," Nunes said on Newsmax's "National Report." "We went through an extended beta test to make sure that we cannot be canceled, so we have the massive capability."

The company is being operated through servers operated by Rumble, a YouTube alternative that is "non-woke," said Nunes, and now has the capability of taking on millions of users.

"Since we opened up wide open on Saturday, we've just had a flood of people coming through and they continue to come through, and it's one of the fastest-growing social media companies in history," said Nunes.

He added that if anyone has been having trouble during the beta period, they should go back to the App Store and refresh the download, and then it should work.

He also said that the app, unlike Twitter, is "not trying to be just a message board for people to put press releases on."

"We're really looking at, you know, who are the big competitors out here?" he said. "TikTok is number one, Instagram's number two, and (then) Facebook. That's where we're trying to get to. So we have very good video. We have very good pictures that you can post on the platform and we're going to continue to add features as we grow. We should, by the end of May, be open for access anywhere on any device that you have."

Meanwhile, Elon Musk, whose $44 billion bid for Twitter seems to be going through, has vowed that platform will focus on free speech, and Nunes said it's important to remember that Trump got "kicked off of everybody, everywhere, every platform."

"He didn't need a new company," said Nunes. "He had to go do this to give the American people their voice back."

He added that he and Trump are committed to the new social media site.

"I had a perfectly good job in Congress, and Donald Trump had plenty of companies," said Nunes. "We had no choice but to lead this effort."

He added that he hopes that Musk takes out the "bad actors" on Twitter, because "it really helps everyone."

However, Nunes labeled Twitter as a "platform that is for celebrities and people to put their press releases out on. It's very different from what Truth is. We have all of those qualities. But we also are really looking at where is the marketplace? The marketplace is TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. And those are the people we really want to bring onto the platform."

He also called Musk's panning of the Truth Social name and saying it should be called "Trumpet" "pretty cute."

"On our platform, you can come on and call the platform whatever you like to call the platform because we're not censoring," said Nunes. "So we welcome all ideas. In fact, soon we're going to have the capability to do polls. So you know, Elon Musk could come into the platform and put a poll up and we're not going to censor him or anyone else. Everybody's free to have their own ideas."

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