Devin Nunes: Truth Social Rollout Ready to Go, Beta Testing Complete

Devin Nunes: Truth Social Rollout Ready to Go, Beta Testing Complete (Newsmax/''The Chris Salcedo Show'')

By Jay Clemons | Thursday, 21 April 2022 08:04 PM

The waiting-in-line phase of the Truth Social rollout has reached a fortuitously timed end.

On Newsmax, while appearing Thursday on "The Chris Salcedo Show," Devin Nunes — the former California congressman turned CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group — announced that all Truth Social subscribers with an iPhone will enter the Truth Social realm "in just a few days."

And shortly after that, Truth Social subscribers from other devices will enter the app.

In other words:

No more long lines.

No more beta-testing bottlenecks.

And no more worries about censorship from corporate overlords.

In the interview, Nunes trumpeted Truth Social's new data center, which opened Thursday.

"It has all-new equipment, and no Big Tech [overreach]. And guess what? No one can cancel us," said Nunes, sporting a wide grin.

The idea of a Trump-backed app promoting free speech wasn't born immediately after then-President Donald Trump had been booted from Twitter in January 2021, shortly before Joe Biden took office.

But it certainly exacerbated the necessity of having a platform perpetually devoted to free speech.

And now, from Nunes' perspective, Americans can happily return to the social-media world, without fear of corporate reprisal.

"I'm sitting here [promoting Truth Social], and Donald Trump started this company for one reason, and one reason only: We have nowhere else go to. There was no other option," said Nunes, while reporting that Truth Social has already been released on Apple's platform, with tech updates coming every day.

"It's so exciting what we're doing here, the community is awesome. Newsmax has been great … with its great feed that comes into Truth Social. We have an unbelievably excited community here; and remember, we're only a couple of months in."

Nunes added: "It's absolutely amazing, the community we're building. A community of real people. We're trying to take the best of what Twitter has, along with Instagram and Facebook, and put it all into one. And we're not allowing fake bots, fake accounts. We're doing our best to keep those out.

"But most importantly, we're giving the American people their voice back, and that's what President Trump wanted to do."

The reports of Netflix losing a hefty percentage of its stock value this week doesn't affect the launch of Truth Social, Nunes said.

But that might not always be the case, as the Trump tech group explores other ways to fill the voids of content creation.

Perhaps even streaming someday, or video on demand.

"People are getting tired of this woke nonsense, and I think people are rebelling against it," Nunes said.

"It's amazing to watch a platform where people are actually thankful. … You know it's a place for real people — and not bots."

Nunes added: "When you open up something for free speech, people will come in droves; and it builds a community, which is what social media was supposed to be."

With the beta-testing phase for Truth Social complete, Nunes said the new app will be a state-of-the-art experience for all subscribers — regardless of political affiliation.

"We're going to be open to everybody," Nunes said.

In February, approximately 500,000 users had signed up for Phase I of the Truth Social rollout.

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