Dick Morris to Newsmax: ‘Arrogance’ to Suggest We Tolerate Biden or Vote Fetterman

Dick Morris to Newsmax: 'Arrogance' to Suggest We Tolerate Biden or Vote Fetterman (Newsmax/"Saturday Report")

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 29 October 2022 12:44 PM EDT

Democrats are showing "arrogance" in suggesting that Americans should tolerate the speaking and cognitive struggles of President Joe Biden or vote for stroke victim John Fetterman for Senate in Pennsylvania, according to presidential campaign adviser Dick Morris on Newsmax.

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"I think the arrogance of the Democrats in saying that they want us to vote for Fetterman to give them control of the Senate — even though they see that this guy's now totally incapable of performing the duties of senator — is incredible," Morris told "Saturday Report."

"It's matched only by the arrogance of the Democrats in saying that we should put up with Joe Biden as president, despite his obvious infirmities."

Morris was reacting to the debate this week, which saw Fetterman — the Democrat opponent of former President Donald Trump-endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz — struggle with answering simple questions and still showing cognitive deficiencies after he suffered a stroke in the spring.

"I think that had this debate been in September, I don't think that Fetterman would have been strong challenger to Oz," Morris told host Rita Cosby, noting "it's only that it's at the end" when Fetterman finally submitted to showing his cognitive inability in a debate.

Biden's struggles are problematic for American leadership even more, because he did not have the bright lights and pressure of a debate to explain away his gaffes.

"They're very similar: Neither one can utter an English sentence, really; in Fetterman it was in a debate — with Biden it is not in the debate," Morris continued. "When he doesn't have a teleprompter to rely on, he really can't speak."

While it is potentially unfair Fetterman received early votes in Pennsylvania before his true struggles were on display, Morris stressed Republicans cannot activate against early voting. Republicans must vote early.

"We can't let the experience of 2020 stop us from early voting," Morris said, noting Republican weary of 2020 are "worried that their vote will be stolen," but added, "I believe that not voting is a hell of a way to protect yourself."

"We can't go into election day with the Democrats channel 15 million votes ahead."

Morris noted there has been some progress in the early voting data suggesting more Republicans are voting, but early voting is still being dominated by Democrats by about a 13-point margin.

"On election day we'll catch up, but that's a heck of a margin to make, and it makes a vast difference," Morris said. "As I point out in my book, 'The Return,' the Democrats have this whole structure to remind you, to badger you, to basically camp on your doorstep until you vote, and you can do that with early vote.

"But with election day voting, no matter how good your intentions are, if the kids are sick, you get the flu, or things pile up at work, you don't vote and there's no backup to it. You can't go to the next day, because there is no next day, so I think the Republicans are really playing dangerously with delaying early voting.

"There's been a little bit of progress. When I started sounding this alarm last week, I think on your show, the Democrats were casting 50% of the early votes and Republicans 30%. Now the Democrat percentage is down to about 47%, the Republicans up to about 34%.

"So it's a little bit of progress, but there has to be a lot more. You can't wait until election day. You gotta get out there now and vote. God knows what's going to happen on election day?

"Can you tell your future in a week and a half from now? I can't."

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