Dick Morris to Newsmax: Dems ‘Will Lose All 60’ Tight House Races

Dick Morris to Newsmax: Dems 'Will Lose All 60' Tight House Races

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By Jay Clemons | Thursday, 03 November 2022 08:11 PM EDT

Dick Morris, a political strategist, best-selling author, TV host and former adviser to presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, estimates there are 60 House races in next week's midterm elections that are categorized as "toss-ups" or "slight leans" to either Republican or Democratic Party candidates.

But the way Morris — author of "The Return: Trump's Big 2024 Comeback" — sees it, only one side stands to profit from the so-called 50/50 races.

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"I think the Democrats will lose all 60," Morris told Newsmax Thursday afternoon, while appearing on "American Agenda" with hosts Bob Sellers and Katrina Szish.

"I think the [Republicans] are going to win a solid 60 seats in the House," said Morris.

Right now, Democrats control the House and Senate chambers, along with the White House. However, next week's elections could lead to wholesale leadership changes for 2023.

For the Senate races, Morris doesn't anticipate the current 50-all deadlock — with Vice President Kamala Harris, a Democrat, breaking all tiebreakers — remaining intact come January.

In fact, at a minimum, Morris predicts the Republicans will pick up a net positive of four Senate seats; and for the maximum count, it could balloon to 57 Senate seats on the GOP side.

Here's Morris' breakdown of the Senate races worth watching:

  • Morris estimates the Republicans will hold on to Senate seats in Wisconsin (incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson), North Carolina (Rep. Ted Budd), Ohio (J.D. Vance) and Pennsylvania (Dr. Mehmet Oz) — even though Budd, Vance and Oz are contending for open seats.
  • For the "upset" category, Morris asserts that Senate candidates in Colorado (Joe O'Dea), Connecticut (Leora Levy) and Washington (Tiffany Smiley) could put Republicans in a dominant position, if any of the three prevail in traditionally left-leaning states.
  • Morris opines the four novice Republicans vying for Senate seats in Georgia (Herschel Walker), Nevada (Adam Laxalt), Arizona (Blake Masters) and New Hampshire (Don Bolduc) are all "looking good."

Bolduc, a retired U.S. Army brigadier general, has been surging in the most recent New Hampshire polls.

Also, Morris — host of Newsmax's "Dick Morris Democracy" — said Bolduc could get a voter-approval bump from a recent incident, in which someone allegedly attempted to "punch" Bolduc on the campaign trail.

"I think [the alleged assault attempt] will be good for Bolduc … it'll bring attention to his race," said Morris, while adding that "tiny" New Hampshire seldom grabs the media spotlight — outside of presidential primary season.


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