Dick Morris to Newsmax: GOP Primary Gives Way to ‘Trump Primary’

Dick Morris to Newsmax: GOP Primary Gives Way to 'Trump Primary' ("American Agenda"/Newsmax TV)

By Eric Mack | Monday, 07 June 2021 09:55 PM

Lost in the coverage, or lack thereof by the liberal media, of former President Donald Trump's address to the North Carolina Republican Convention, is a stroke of political brilliance that will unify the GOP, according to presidential adviser Dick Morris on Newsmax.

"There is now the Donald Trump primary, which has replaced the Republican primary," Morris told Monday's "American Agenda." "And in many cases, it will preclude a Republican primary because when Trump makes an endorsement that is tantamount to the declaration of a guy's candidacy – or a woman's candidacy – as the Republican."

Ultimately, Morris told a panel discussion, it will keep Republicans from spending their valuable campaign resources to merely defeat Republicans before facing off against Democrats in the general 2020 midterms.

"I think that will have the affect of driving everyone else out of the primary," Morris added.

Trump himself noted in his surprise endorsement announcement of Rep. Ted Budd, R-N.C., for the Senate seat to be vacated by Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., he needed to get his endorsement out to keep others from entering a crowded GOP primary.

"What I don't want is a lot of people joining a race – that have been big Trump supporters – and I have to go with somebody," Trump said Saturday night in Greenville, North Carolina, adding Budd "hasn't been pushing me at all, unlike some of the others that won't win.

"I don't want a lot of people running and then they're going to be disappointed, and in many cases they're friends of mine," Trump continued. "They're great people. They're thinking about running, they want to run."

But Trump concluded, "you can't pick people who have already lost two races and do not stand for our values."

Morris added Trump's own active participation in GOP primaries and the North Carolina GOP speech show the president is going to run for reelection in 2024.

"The answer to whether he will run again or not is he was there," Morris, who advised former President Bill Clinton and Trump, said. "Former presidents have a lot of golf to catch up on and most of them spend their time doing it. And they don't make time out to give speeches in sweltering states on hot days.

"And he did, and I think that's the clearest indication that he's back."

Morris added a rebuke of the Biden administration's call of "equity" as ostensibly drawing the Democrat versus Republican battle lines as MLK versus BLM, and "the Republican Party is now the party of Martin Luther King," while the Democratic Party is one of Black Lives Matter.

"Donald Trump struck a cord in the speech that will be the theme, really, of much of the Republican Party over the next few years, when he spoke about the wrongness and the unconstitutionality of favoring one race over the other," Morris said.

"Basically, Martin Luther King's definition of equality is up for grabs," he concluded. "The Democratic Party has thrown it out the window. They don't want equality. They want what they call equity, which is really discrimination against white people.

"Trump made clear that the law should not favor one race over the other, and that also happens to be the view of the 14th Amendment."

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