Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Trump Should Have DNI Investigate Election Hacking

Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Trump Should Have DNI Investigate Election Hacking (Newsmax TV/"American Agenda")

By Brian Trusdell | Thursday, 17 December 2020 04:28 PM

Former Democratic strategist and White House adviser Dick Morris told Newsmax TV on Thursday that President Donald Trump has the authority and should order an investigation to determine if and to what extent there was any unauthorized foreign access or interference in November’s general election.

Appearing on ''American Agenda,'' Morris said Trump, because of advanced digital capabilities and the potential of foreign interference in the election, signed an executive order in 2018 establishing a standby procedure to address the issue. He said if the director of national intelligence determines there has been the possibility of significant overseas intervention within 45 days of the election, he can initiate an investigation to determine if and to what extent it occurred.

''I believe the president should invoke that order today and should order that investigation to start,'' said Morris, who added he had spoken to Trump for about a half hour Wednesday evening. ''The investigation has broad subpoena powers and other kinds of powers connected with it. And the DNI has adequate staff to investigate that. And I think more important than whether (Trump) won the election or not, the ultimate issue of whether China and Iran hacked our election, intervened in it, and there’s evidence that is quite compelling that indicates that they could and perhaps did.''

DNI John Ratcliffe’s office on Wednesday evening issued a statement that it would miss Friday’s deadline to submit a classified report on foreign meddling efforts in the election.

''The issue of who won the election is crucial, obviously,'' Morris said. ''But more important than that, is did a foreign power hack our election tabulation system. That’s an invasion of the United States that goes beyond Pearl Harbor. It’s an invasion of our election system. And that has to be determined.

''And let me just say politically, if this remains in the netherworld of conspiracy theories like who killed Vince Foster, that would be unfortunate. But it needs to be center stage. It needs to be immediately investigated by the DNI and the Senate, if we keep the Senate. The potential for a foreign government to take us over by hacking our election is ominous and very, very troubling.''

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