Doug Mastriano to Newsmax: ‘I Was Out-Spent About Eight-to-One’ in GOP Primary

Doug Mastriano to Newsmax: 'I Was Out-Spent About Eight-to-One' in GOP Primary (Newsmax/"Spicer & Co.")

By Luca Cacciatore | Wednesday, 18 May 2022 07:48 PM

Pennsylvania lawmaker Doug Mastriano told Newsmax on Wednesday that he was victorious in the state's Republican gubernatorial primary despite being "out-spent about eight-to-one" by former Eastern District Attorney Bill McSwain.

Mastriano, endorsed by former President Trump, ended Tuesday night with around 44% of the vote, 22 points ahead of his next-top challenger, former U.S. Senate nominee Lou Barletta. He also dominated McSwain's 15.7% share of the vote.

"We actually spent about $2 million … in the past couple weeks here," Mastriano said during an appearance on "Spicer & Co." "So, I was out-spent about eight-to-one, and he [McSwain] finished a far third – three times less behind me, around 15%."

"The establishment was concerned that I would win with just around 28% of the vote. I won with a resounding 44% of the vote based off of my integrity. Based off of running a clean campaign. Based off of being the only guy … to fight for the people the last two years."

The firebrand nominee assured that despite the hefty $16 million raised by his Democratic opponent, incumbent state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, he believes "we'll raise what we need."

"I don't know that Josh [Shapiro] can spend enough money here to overcome the optics," Mastriano suggested.

"The left suffers from, and the media, from this thing of transference. They blame me for something that they suffer from. They say I'm far-right … and it's actually their party, in Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman, who are radical far-leftists here. They want to drag this country and our state to socialism."

When asked if he would support the winner of the still too-close-too-call Republican U.S. Senate primary in Pennsylvania, he responded with "hell yes."

Mastriano explained how after he won the gubernatorial race, all of the candidates called him to offer their support. The governor nominee says the same principle should be applied in the Senate race once a winner is decided.

"We need to coalesce behind whoever the people pick and push forward," he stated.


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