Doug Mastriano to Newsmax: ‘I Was Thrilled’ to Get Trump Endorsement

Doug Mastriano to Newsmax: 'I Was Thrilled' to Get Trump Endorsement (Newsmax/''American Agenda'')

By Theodore Bunker | Thursday, 19 May 2022 04:50 PM

Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano told Newsmax on Thursday that he was "thrilled" to receive an endorsement from former President Donald Trump just days before he won the state's Republican gubernatorial primary.

"I was thrilled to receive that last Saturday," Mastriano told "American Agenda" in an interview. "You know … 72 hours before the vote we've been leading in the polls consistently, actually, for about a year. Almost every poll had us some points ahead. The past month we were breaking away, we went from eight, 10 and 12 points ahead, according to [the] Trafalgar and Emerson College poll."

He went on to express doubts about the "level of security" concerning mail-in ballots, and outlined his plans if he were to win the upcoming gubernatorial election.

"Overall my plan my first day as governor, where we're going to roll back eight years of regulations, open up lands, get us out of this regional greenhouse gas initiative, which would be a 30% savings near instantly for people's energy costs. And my desire is to make us number one in energy production, you know."

He said: "Additionally, the overregulation is killing the state. And finally, the election reform is huge on the menu as well. I mean, there's so many issues, school choice, what have you; there's a lot of problems in Pennsylvania that we need to get our arms around."


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