Duane Chapman to Newsmax: Crime Won’t Decrease Without Deterrence

Duane Chapman to Newsmax: Crime Won't Decrease Without Deterrence (Newsmax/''Eric Bolling: The Balance'')

By Jack Gournell | Monday, 01 November 2021 05:37 PM

The rise in crime of the past few months won't see a decline until the reasons for its increase are taken away, Duane Chapman, known popularly as ''Dog the Bounty Hunter,'' told Newsmax.

''It's terrible,'' Chapman said Monday on ''Eric Bolling: The Balance.''

''Crime is higher than actually it's ever been,'' Chapman said. ''And of course, the reason is there is no deterrent.''

Any deterrence is being ''plucked away'' he said, pointing to bail, incarceration and education.

''All those things are being taken out,'' Chapman said, ''so what you're going to have is chaos with crime.''

Lack of respect for police is another issue, he added, and deterrence is essential.

''We put … a guy in jail for burglary and they let him out before we got home,'' he said. ''Martin Luther King said without any deterrent, crime is going to run rampant.''

Fighting for equal rights does not mean letting ''everybody get away with every and anything,'' Chapman said.

The reality TV personality and professional bounty hunter also addressed the issue of district attorney's offices that refuse to prosecute thefts below $950 or so.

The practice allows people to go into stores, steal items and sell them at garage sales because no one stops them.

''They're constantly making money,'' he said.

Some states allow thefts of computers worth up to $3,000, he added.

''You can't stop him. You have to let them get to their car and write down their license plate,'' Chapman said. ''Now, when that company, that store, turns in their loss at the end of the month for how much stuff was stolen, the insurance company's like, 'What do you mean, a half-million bucks? Buddy, store, you're canceled. So there you go. All you're going to get things by is by mail.''

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