Eric Holder: ‘Citizens Need to Be in the Streets’ Over Voting Laws

Eric Holder: 'Citizens Need to Be in the Streets' Over Voting Laws Eric Holder: 'Citizens Need to Be in the Streets' Over Voting Laws Former Attorney General Eric Holder (Michael A. McCoy/AP)

By Jeffrey Rodack | Friday, 13 August 2021 03:49 PM

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, speaking on national television, said people should take to the streets in protest of voting laws being passed throughout the nation.

Holder made his comments during an interview on MSNBC's ''Rachel Maddow Show'' on Thursday.

''Power cedes nothing without a demand,'' he said. ''And we too often underestimate the power that we have as regular American citizens by marching, by protesting, by raising our voices,'' Holder said. ''If we make our voices known, if we demand the kind of change, the fair change that we're seeking, I think it will help in the process.

''It's not going to probably move Republicans. I'm being realistic about that. On the other hand, Democrats are going to have to think to themselves, 'Do I want to be seen as the person who James Eastland … those people before, who stood against the passage of [the] Civil Rights bill? Do I want to have that as my legacy?'

"In raising the consciousness of people, by demonstrating, by getting arrested, by doing the things that ended segregation.''

''If you asked people in the 1950s: 'Do you think marching, demonstrating is going to bring down a system of American apartheid?' You probably would have said, 'That's just not gonna happen.' And we should not lose faith right now.

"Citizens can make a change. Citizens need to be in the streets. Citizens need to be demonstrating, citizens need to be calling representatives to demand the time of change that will make this country more representative, make our democracy more fair.''

The Daily Caller noted the Republican controlled Texas Senate voted Thursday to advance its election bill. Among other requirements, the legislation would mandate voters show identification.

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