Eric Trump to Newsmax: Father’s Predictions on Biden Came True

Eric Trump to Newsmax: Father's Predictions on Biden Came True eric trump speaks into a microphone Eric Trump (Drew Angerer/Getty)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 12 July 2022 07:46 AM EDT

Everything former President Donald Trump said would happen if Joe Biden was elected as president is coming true, his son, Eric Trump, tells Newsmax.

"He said that we're going to have $8 gas if Biden was in office. We have $8 gas," Trump, the executive vice-president of the Trump Organization, said on Newsmax's "Greg Kelly Reports" Monday night. "He said that we're going to have runaway inflation and we have runaway inflation. He said that the markets were going to crumble and markets crumbled. He said that every country around the world wouldn't respect the United States of America. And guess what? No one around the world respects the United States of America and Greg… I could go on and on and on."

But Biden "gets nothing right," said Trump. "He didn't get Afghanistan right. He's not getting any of our foreign policy right. He can't ride a bike correctly."

Meanwhile "no one's talking" about how former President Trump "filled up the strategic petroleum reserves" and how gasoline cost "$1.89, meaning it's the cheapest gas that's been purchased," Trump added. "Now you have Biden releasing millions and millions of gallons because of his incompetent policy and also giving millions of gallons to China."

But Biden has "thrown away" all of the former president's achievements, including social, economic, and foreign policy, Trump told Kelly.

"They're all just going down the tubes, and it's unnecessary and it's totally avoidable and the American people are paying for it," said Trump. "It's a totally dishonest conversation that's happening in the mainstream press."

Trump also said Biden "can't even keep his family together," but while the news about Hunter Biden largely goes unreported, the press, the FBI, and others have gone after his family "every single day for the last six years" after his father entered politics, even though his family lead "incredibly clean lives."

"We were the first people at work every single day [and] the last to leave," he said. "There were no drugs. There was no nonsense. There was no binge drinking. There's no prostitutes. You know what it was. It was family and incredibly hard work. That's what we did and they come after us. You see how they come after us every single day."

Hunter Biden, on the other hand, was "with prostitutes, doing drug deals, doing shady deals over in China," he said. "You know, we got out of business when my father became the commander in chief, you know what Hunter Biden did? He got into business when his father became vice president. He's traveling all over the world and Air Force Two, making obscene amounts of money in industries and countries that he knows absolutely nothing about and they come after us because they can't stand the fact that Donald Trump did a remarkable job for this country. It's sickening."

But Trump added that the "American people get it" and there is "more love out there than ever" for his family.

He added that his father was able to bring "the biggest tax decreases to the best economy, to the best job market," while manufacturing was coming back from other seas.

"You see what he did with peace in the Middle East," said Trump. "He took out ISIS. He took out Al Qaeda. [He did] incredible things, you know, great acts that people totally forget…he cut more red tape at the U.S. government than ever before. He rebuilt our military."

But Biden has done little beyond "embarrassing the United States of America," said Trump.

Former President Trump hasn't officially announced his reelection campaign, but if he does, "he will have the biggest cheerleader and his son by his side every step of the way," said Trump. "If he decides to do that, I don't care how much they come after us. I don't care how many subpoenas we get. I don't care how much they try and falsely prosecute us. He's the best man for the job."


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