Florida Lt. Gov. to Newsmax: All Corporations Should Be Treated Equally

Florida Lt. Gov. to Newsmax: All Corporations Should Be Treated Equally (Newsmax/"Eric Bolling: The Balance")

By Luca Cacciatore | Thursday, 21 April 2022 06:15 PM

Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez told Newsmax on Thursday that she did not understand why Democrats were so vehement in their opposition to treating Disney like a normal corporation.

The comments were in reference to Democratic backlash during a state House legislative session earlier in the day, in which a Senate bill eliminating Disney's special tax district was approved, removing the company's ability to govern the land where its theme parks sit.

Nuñez, during an appearance on "Eric Bolling: The Balance," claimed that Democrats "are always talking about equality except when it refers to corporations like Disney."

"What we saw today was a sad state of affairs. When you see Democrats — they have denigrated the process. They have devolved into shouting matches, sitting on the House floor. That is by no means representative of what people expect when they vote their leaders into the House and Senate.

"They accused the governor of throwing tantrums all the time. But today, on full display for the entire world to see, they were the ones who had their tantrums," she added.

Nuñez said that the law would not be the end of addressing the problem of woke corporations and signaled that Florida "will have a further debate — I suspect next year — about what will be the future of Disney? What will be the future of other corporations?

"I don't think that anyone who is watching this program would agree that one corporation in the state of Florida should be treated differently compared to others that are in the same industry," she said.

The lieutenant governor acknowledged that Disney has been a cultural icon for the U.S. but alleged that "clearly, they have changed their mantra. They have changed what they really espouse.

"It used to be family values. It used to be entertainment that was age-appropriate," Nuñez said of Disney's ethical code. "Now they have based on their own admission, a very not-so-secret agenda to indoctrinate our youth with topics that are very inappropriate. Sexualizing children at a young age is never okay."

Nuñez said that Disney has the opportunity to petition Florida's Legislature next year about why the tax district is necessary.

"I'll tell you once you start to look at these things. This was passed in 1967. Maybe it made sense then. Does it make sense now? That'll be something that the Legislature will have to decide."

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