Fmr. NATO Chief Wesley Clark: Upgrade Weapons to Ukraine

Fmr. NATO Chief Wesley Clark: Upgrade Weapons to Ukraine Fmr. NATO Chief Wesley Clark: Upgrade Weapons to Ukraine Gen. Wesley Clark

By Nick Koutsobinas | Saturday, 09 April 2022 02:29 PM

Former NATO Commander and Obama campaign adviser Gen. Wesley Clark wrote in the New York Post that the time to supply Ukraine with weapons is now. Clark's opinion piece comes as reports indicate that Russian forces are reconsolidating their units after retreating.

"Ukraine needs heavy weapons and air support. Tanks, multiple-launch rockets, self-propelled artillery, air support — MiGs and Sukhoi aircraft — and mobile air defense," Clark writes.

"Why? Because there is a window of opportunity now — for a week or two perhaps — in which Ukraine can counterattack in the north, south and east to expel Russian forces. This will require mobile armored forces and air power. And if this window is lost, the future is darker and more uncertain."

According to ABC News, an anonymous senior U.S. defense official says that while some Russian troops have retreated from cities in Ukraine — among them are what are known as Russian battalion tactical groups, or BTGs, with roughly 800-1,000 soldiers each — they have withdrawn back across the Belarusian and Russian borders and have been essentially "eradicated" from the fighting in Ukraine.

The anonymous official adds that in the intermittent time, after losing anywhere from 15%-20% of their combat capabilities, Russian forces are now consolidating into new units. Additionally, reports detail that Russia is seeking to recruit an additional 60,000 troops.

"Strengthening Ukraine — giving it the tools it needs to secure its own territory — must be the first order of business for the United States and our NATO allies. If we seek to avoid World War III, this is the moment to arm Ukraine," Clark adds.