Former Acting Defense Secretary Calls Mysterious Attacks ‘An Act Of War’

Former Acting Defense Secretary Calls Mysterious Attacks 'An Act Of War' Former Acting Defense Secretary Calls Mysterious Attacks 'An Act Of War' Former Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller on Nov. 13, 2020(Alex Wong/Getty Images

By Charles Kim | Monday, 03 May 2021 08:17 PM

A slew of mysterious attacks against U.S. government personnel that could involve the use of directed-energy weapons would constitute “an act of war,” former Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller told Politico in an article published Monday.

“If this plays out and somebody is attacking Americans [even] with a nonlethal weapon … we owe it to our folks that are out there,” Miller said in the article. “We owe it to them to get to the bottom of this.”

Miller started an investigation at the Pentagon last year regarding incidents taking place during the last several years while he served as the acting Defense Secretary for former President Donald Trump.

The incidents involve victims displaying symptoms such as lingering headaches, loss of hearing and balance as well as constant ringing in the ears, the report said.

In addition, some victims complained about fatigue and others suffered long-term brain damage.

These issues mirror “Havana Syndrome,” labeled after several American spies and operatives in Cuba first reported them in 2016.

Miller began the investigation after talking with another Defense Department official who said he was hit with the weapon.

The official told Miller the attack briefly “incapacitated” him.

According to Politico, the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee “vowed” to find answers to the suspected attacks after being briefed on the situation last month.

Senators Marco Rubio. R-Fla., and Mark Warner, D-Va., said in a statement April 30 that they have renewed their focus on the issue.

“This pattern of attacking our fellow citizens serving our government appears to be increasing,” the statement said. “The Senate Intelligence Committee intends to get to the bottom of this.”

While many of the incidents took place in our foreign embassies, a few were reported on American soil as close as Virginia and in Washington, D.C., according to the report.

Officials say they suspect Russia may be behind the attacks, but do not yet have evidence to support the claim.

The Central Intelligence Agency is also looking into the attacks, agency Director William Burns told the committee during his confirmation hearings earlier this year.

The Biden administration would not comment on the specifics of the Politico story, but a spokesman said it was taking the allegations “very seriously,” and is a top priority for the new president.

Directed energy weaponry can use high-power lasers or microwaves and are currently being developed by the U.S. Military.

According to the report, doctors and scientists believe the incidents in Cuba used a form of electromagnetic radiation to damage the victims.

According to a Aug. 11, 2020 article on the United States Defense Department website, the military is partnering with industry to design the weapons effectively.

Part of that work includes standardizing the components and subsystems of the weapons to make them the most effective.

It also helps keep the cost down and allows easier upgrading and longer life.