Former Amb. Oren to Newsmax TV: Renewed Iran Nuke Deal Will Put Mideast on ‘Path to War’

Former Amb. Oren to Newsmax TV: Renewed Iran Nuke Deal Will Put Mideast on 'Path to War' (Newsmax TV/"John Bachman Now")

By Fran Beyer | Monday, 17 May 2021 01:38 PM

Former Israel ambassador to the United States Michael Oren warned Monday that renewing the Iran nuclear deal will put the Middle East onto "an irreversible path toward regional war."

In an interview on Newsmax TV’s "John Bachman Now," Oren called it "the worst time" for the United States to hold such talks amid escalating violence between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

"[Iran] wants to take over the West Bank, wants to take over the Palestinian Authority. It's got a long list of goals that it wants," Oren asserted.

"But you got to ask yourself: How do you square a policy of renewing the Iran nuclear deal right at the time when Iran is fomenting large scale unrest and violence in the Middle East?"

According to Oren, the Biden administration — members of which "I have a very, very high opinion of them — seem very determined to renew the Iran nuclear deal at … almost any cost."

"I don't think it's a matter of leverage," Oren said, instead, "I think it's a matter of ideology," but he warned: "You renew that Iran nuclear deal you are putting the Middle East into an irreversible path toward regional war. Period."

Oren blamed Iran for "dragging Israel into ground wars in Gaza," and declared that "Islamic jihad is totally owned and operated by Iran."

"We're doing our best to hold down collateral damage, civilian casualties," he said of the exchange of rocket blasts between Israel and the Gaza Strip. "It's very, very difficult when you're fighting an enemy shooting at you. We know they fired well over 2,000 rockets at us… while hiding behind their own population and using them as human shields."

"The Iranians are willing to fight Israel to the last Palestinian — make no mistake about that — by dragging Israel into ground wars in Gaza," Oren declared.

"They did divert attention from what Iran is trying to do in Syria… to afford a base against Israel, to divert attention from Israel's efforts to prevent the renewal of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal."

Oren said it’s certain Hamas "gets most of its money from Iran."

"Islamic jihad is totally owned and operated by Iran and 90% of rockets they’re firing at us are made in Iran and smuggled into the Gaza Strip," he charged.

Oren also weighed in on the bombing of a building in the Gaza Strip that housed the Associated Press and other media, saying the blast was protecting Israeli citizens.

"If there was a reason why this building was destroyed, there's probably a very compelling reason," he said, adding "there are terrorist activities going on there."

"From what my sources tell me is the journalists knew it was going on in the building," Oren charged. "And they were given ample bring to clear out."

"At the end of the day, I trust Israeli sources that we had to do it, we had to do to defend our citizens because that's what this country's about."

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