Former EPA Head to Newsmax: SCOTUS Decision ‘Huge’ for Rule of Law

Former EPA Head to Newsmax: SCOTUS Decision 'Huge' for Rule of Law (Newsmax/"Rob Schmitt Tonight")

By Jay Clemons | Thursday, 30 June 2022 08:53 PM EDT

Scott Pruitt could hardly contain his excitement on Newsmax Thursday night, when discussing the Supreme Court's definitive ruling in the West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency case — a 6-3 decision that determined the EPA lacked the broad authority to regulate carbon dioxide emissions related to climate change.

"This is a huge day for the rule of law. A huge day for separation of powers," said Pruitt, while appearing on "Rob Schmitt Tonight."

Thursday's SCOTUS decision cuts close to home for Pruitt, who served as the EPA's lead administrator during the Trump administration.

Pruitt felt the EPA, now under the direction of the Biden White House, had too much unchecked power in regulating things pertaining to climate change.

From Pruitt's perspective, if the Biden administration feels this strongly about enacting major policy changes involving the environment, then it must enlist the legislative help of Congress.

Pruitt likens this whole process to a middle-school civics lesson.

"It's Congress' job to legislate, and if that doesn't happen, it's unconstitutional," explains Pruitt, formerly the state of Oklahoma's attorney general. "From a legislative perspective, if Congress doesn't deal with these big issues, then they can continue to blame — what? — the departments and administrative agencies that continue to make these decisions … and never do the hard work of legislating.

"What the [Supreme Court] is really saying to Congress here, 'You must do the job.'"

Regarding the high court's concurring opinions in the West Virginia vs. EPA case, the Clean Air Act does not give the EPA total authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

"[Thursday's SCOTUS decision] is bigger than the EPA. It cuts across[government] bureaucracy. … These agencies have now been sent a very clear message in 'You can't make things up,'" says Pruitt.

He also covered the "non-delegation doctrine," which prohibits the legislative branch from delegating its powers to the executive branch (Joe Biden's White House).

From Pruitt's perspective, "That's been going on for decades."

Pruitt then concluded, "When you have [unchecked authority], you have no representative to the public. … It's a clear shot across the bow, in that things are going to change. It's a great day for America!"


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