Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on being a ‘proud Republican’ who voted for Biden

closeBiden-supporting former Republican governor slams TrumpVideo

Biden-supporting former Republican governor slams Trump

Rick Snyder speaks out against Trump's fiscal policy, COVID response on 'Your World'

Former Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder defended his vote for Joe Biden and criticized President Trump's handling of multiple issues during an interview with "Your World" Thursday.

""I've already voted," Snyder told host Neil Cavuto. "I'm a proud Republican. This was a big decision but you come back to the basics, I'm an American first.

"We shouldn't let partisanship get in the way of good decision-making for our country," Snyder added. "Joe Biden is a better decision than Donald Trump for the next four years."

Snyder, who spent eight years in office and was succeeded by Democrat Gretchen Whitmer in 2019, slammed Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic by contrasting it unfavorably with Canada.

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Later, Cavuto pressed Snyder on Biden's tax plan and economic platform, noting that the former governor operated as a fiscal conservative while in Lansing.

"If you look at Donald Trump's record, it's not that good," Snyder answered. "His tax reform was not that successful or thoughtful. It wasn't simple, fair, or efficient. If you look at what he's done on trade policy, the tariffs have not resulted in job creation. It hasn't helped our agriculture sector, and the worst part is his COVID response.

"How can you sit there and say we are rounding the corner on COVID?"


"Canada's rate of new cases is less than half of our rate, they are right across the border," Snyder added. "That's because they have their act together. They have half the cases we do."

He added that Biden's suggestion of a national mask mandate would be a "good thing" and accused Trump himself of being a "super-spreader."

"We have people dying," Snyder said. "And we have a leader that is ignoring that. That's not right."

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