Former NY Rep. Pete King to Newsmax TV: GOP Party Strong Despite Feuding

Former NY Rep. Pete King to Newsmax TV: GOP Party Strong Despite Feuding (Newsmax TV/"American Agenda")

By Solange Reyner | Friday, 14 May 2021 05:55 PM

Former New York congressman Peter King says the Republican Party is strong despite internal feuding and will have substantive issues to campaign against President Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

''I think we can always do without these side interparty struggles. But the Republican Party is strong. … I wish this didn’t happen,'' King said Friday during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s ''American Agenda'' after House Republicans voted to oust Liz Cheney from her role as conference chair over her opposition to former President Donald Trump.

''I actually like Liz Cheney, I like (her replacement) Elise Stefanik and I think that we should try to encourage more outspokenness within the party,'' he added. ''All parties have their issues. You’d rather not have it, but I think it will be over and done with by the time the next campaign comes around.''

Rep. Stefanik, a fourth-term congresswoman from New York who was voted in as conference chair Friday morning, was endorsed by Trump and House Republican leaders Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise. She forcefully defended Trump during his first impeachment trial and said Friday that the 45th president remained a ''critical part of our Republican team.''

Scalise and McCarthy have both suggested that Cheney’s focus was detracting from the party’s goal of winning back the House in 2022.

Trump has not announced whether he will run in 2024 but last week told The Daily Wire he was ''enthused'' about the possibility.

King said Trump and Republicans shouldn’t focus on the 2020 loss in future campaigns if they want to make gains.

''We shouldn’t be relitigating the 2020 campaign,'' King told Newsmax.

''We should be focused on President Biden. That’s what Democrats did in 2018 when they picked up so many seats in the House. They focused on just attacking President Trump. … We could do the same thing in 2022 if we focus on Joe Biden, focus on the Biden administration; and any administration that has been in office for 2 years has a lot to defend. That’s just the reality.

''If we start relitigating the 2020 campaign, that can’t help us at all.''

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