Former Rep. Peter King: Dems Trying to Spend Now; May Lose Congress in 2022

Former Rep. Peter King: Dems Trying to Spend Now; May Lose Congress in 2022 Former Rep. Peter King: Dems Trying to Spend Now; May Lose Congress in 2022 Former Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. (Zach Gibson/Getty Images)

By Brian Trusdell | Friday, 30 April 2021 05:38 PM

Former New York Republican congressman Peter King denounced the size of President Joe Biden’s spending proposals since he took office on Newsmax TV on Friday, saying the Democrats realize they may lose control of Congress in two years and that’s why they’re trying to get as much wealth transfer as possible now.

''There's so much … in there that's being defined as infrastructure,'' King said on ''American Agenda.'' ''And that's going [to] lead to waste and corruption and excess spending.

''And so, what I'm saying is, let's go to an orderly process. I think what President Biden is doing is he realizes Democrats may lose control of the House in two years. He has two years to get all this done. And he’s trying to get as much in and really hoping for the best.''

King was referring to the $1.5 trillion package enacted in March referred to as the American Rescue Plan, the $2.9 trillion package ostensibly for infrastructure, another $1.4 trillion called the American Families Plan and a $1.1 trillion general budget.

''Too much money is being put out there to be spent,'' King said. ''We do need an infrastructure plan, but this should be done in an orderly way. There's so much being thrown in here and essentially such a broad definition of infrastructure. That's why Republicans need to slow this down, get into hearings and go through it, item-by-item. Listen, we definitely need improving highways, bridges, tunnels. Yes we do.''

The 14-term congressman from Long Island, who did not run in 2020, praised former Vice President Mike Pence’s remarks to the First Baptist Church of Columbia in South Carolina on Thursday, where he decried the spending and said he had ''had enough.'' King said Pence’s statements were a good start but the GOP needed to go on the attack.

''I don't know if they'll have real negotiations where we're cutting back on the excesses,'' King said. ''I'm afraid that the Democrats, unless Republicans could really get a message out there and scare some of the Democrats in the purple states, or even the orange or red states, yeah it is going to pass. Not all of it, but probably too much of it.''

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